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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/28/2010
  • Severity: 10

Linda Horne

Conned out my Own Artworks

Phoenix, Arizona, 85043

Linda Horne has conned me into sending her 100 pieces of my artworks,slides,3-dvd's-of artwork in special effects,film disks,and promises of financial first she never told me she was an art agent.she just called me from a magazine she worked at called prison living mag.she said she wanted to go in bussiness together with her creating a website for me called treasureislandartstudio,com.she was going to post my art on this website,sell the art and then get re-embursed,of course then we split the profits,but she was also supposed to let me know within 10 days of any sale/s.and i'm supposed to get a monthly check.this lady has conned me for (a solid year)she even placed my on this site for free downloads on purpose because i asked her once a month what's taking soooo long. she's lied to me over and over.she even had me sign a contract,which she herself has never even followed.this started off in dec.2007 and now in jan.2010she just ubruptly shut down the website and told me i have to buy back my own artwork at the price she priced them for ' on this site . i'm sorry i just don't have $40,000.00(est.)$525.00each.oh,i'm sure she's selling my art but i've never seen a dime.this art agent with EPOCH PUBLICATIONS scammed me out of my own lifes artwork.gonzo=lives "the artist"


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