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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/04/2010
  • Severity: 8

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts Covered in BEES!!

Boyton Beach, Florida

I venture into Dunkin Donuts on Woolbright and I-95 Saturday Morning.. I order my usual, glazed donuts and a medium coffee. I got to sit down and enjoy this beautiful Saturday morning and all of the sudden I am surrounded by Bee's. These little f*ckers were everywhere!! I grab my stuff and decide to leave. But before I did I wanted to take one more look over at the Donuts rack.. And you guessed it, there were Bee's Everywhere.

I immediately threw away my breakfast, but I guarantee someone got sick that day. What a waste of money. I got scammed!

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Dunkin Donuts Covered in BEES!!


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