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Michael Todd


Phoenix, Arizona

This person is not who they say they are. Right away they tell you everything you want to hear (like you are my soulmate, etc and wants to call you by a nickname) and within a couple of days of emailing states that they have to fly out of the country on a business trip (England is where they told me). After 2 weeks of constant emailing, he claims to have been robbed in his hotel and hit over the head, requiring a hospital stay of a few days. The kind doctor allowed him to use his laptop to contact you and let you know he is ok. Upon gettng out of the hospital you will get an urgent text stating he has no cash available now and doesn't feel safe there anymore. If you will send him money right now he will fly directly to you to spend 3 days before going back to his home. Once i told him i didn't have any money to send him, i never heard back from him again. His profile is now back on Match dating site with a different user name and same fake photo.

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