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Bank of America BACHOME SERVICING Corp Head Quarters

Loan Modification Scam BANK OF AMERICA

Charlotte, North Carolina, 28255

I was promised by Bank of America that if I made 3 payments , my loan modification paperwork would arrive in the mail. I made the 3 payments they told me to make of $260 something per month, and it Sept or November 2009 I expected in good faith for the papers to arrive in the mail for me to sign. THEY never did, I have spent months getting excuse after excuse from the bank. They say they need to talk to me when I call, so I call and get no information.

I ask that they comunicate by mail to me to explain what is holding up the loan modification papers, to this date its one excuse after another.

I called the PRESIDENTS office in Charlotte NC yesterday asking again whats going on , they tell me nothing, they are able to send me emails with no explanation as to why the papers never showed up. THEY tell me that my case is closed, because I do not comunicate, well thats not true. I called yesterday asking for help, I get an email saying they cant reach me. Whats funny is they email me saying they cant reach me, that sure sounds like to me they are able to reach me, it sounds like lies piled on top of lies.

I believe that the bank does not want to help anyone so they can collect the tax payers money to pay off the debt faster than helping the home owners.

My first mortgage is with American Home Mortgage, I had no problem with them comunication was great. They told me what they wanted, I got it to them and loan modificaiton papers showed up in the mail as promised, THEY were my first mortgage company , the only thing bad was they RAISED my mortgage payment instead of lowering it.

BANK OF AMERICA on the other hand , they suck, they are a bunch of LIARS and SCAMMED me out of a few payments/

MY HOME appraised at $199,000
I owe AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE $190,000 and Bank of America $145,000+

I am one of the few home owners willing to hang in there until the market turns around and IM upside down $160,000

IF I let the home go to forecloosure I used to think BANK OF AMERICA gets nothing, but recently I HEAR that if it does go to Foreclosure they get BAIL OUT money, is that TRUE? Maybe thats why the bank doesnt want to help home owners and maybe thats why they are so willing to let homes go to foreclosure .

IS it easier for BANK OF AMERICA if I let the first mortgage company foreclose on me? is it easier for them if I file BK? Bank of America / Countrywide has held me back 1 year from FILING BK becasue I dont know which way to go wtih this, should I file bk? or not, I hear I should see if the bank will give me a loan modification first AND then file bk and keep the home,

I think the bank just wants me to let the home go to the auction so they can collect their BAIL OUT money from OBAMA



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You people should not worry we have him arrest and i will like to have you information where we can contact you ..Or you can text me this message is from the Department of investigation....(850) 999-5512
Thank you

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