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Regional MLS

Regional MLS runs a Monopoly!

West Palm Beach, Florida

The Regional MLS or RMLS runs a complete monopoly! Their customer service is a joke, and their terms of use are ridiculous. They basically force all the real estate agents to join their service.

For instance, if you have an active real estate license under a broker who practices Residential Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate, you are forced to pay their outragous fees. But what if you only practice Commercial Real estate and have no need for the MLS?? Well, the RMLS decides to make you pay a Non-Membership fee, that is almost as much as the regular membership fee.. So basically, you have to pay for a service you do not use.. How is that possible? Monopoly much!

They are starving for money, and they think it good idea to fine their paying members to get money from non paying members. What a joke! They give Realtors a bad name.

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Regional MLS runs a Monopoly!


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