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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/11/2010
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Birmingham, Alabama, 35216

REO Services LLC out of Birmingham, AL is scam in partnership with Bank of America... they approach you with "GREAT OPPORTUNITY" to help them with the foreclosed properties they have now taken over and must maintain and get under control before the cites, associations, towns, etc.... take back the houses from the bank because of liens filed for lack of maintenance and code violations... Bank of America provides WORK ORDERS to sub-contractors like REO Services who then find sub-contractors in the area where coverage is needed... we were given 1000 work orders, done at the end of last year... the contract terms were to be paid in 30 days, even though the work was needed to be completed in 2-3 days, note the all WORK ORDERS were due the day we received them... but we received an extension... how long we asked, no answer... we are now fighting with REO SERVICES for payment, who has already sent 1 bad check for payment, and constantly request MORE time... REO says BANK OF AMERICA has not paid them yet... When we contact BANK OF AMERICA they say they have paid REO and they will force them to pay us... So far over 2 months and no progress... time to round-up the other sub-contractors and file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against REO Services and BANK OF AMERICA... IF IT IS TO BE GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS!


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You people should not worry we have him arrest and i will like to have you information where we can contact you ..Or you can text me this message is from the Department of investigation....(850) 999-5512
Thank you

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