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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/11/2010
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Royal Concrete Concepts

Royal Concrete Concepts – another contractor who does not PAY

Orlando, Florida

My company is a sub-contractor hired to perform work at a project for Royal Concrete Concepts (Tilt wall contractor). Once completed all the work and submitted invoices to be paid, we were put through the ringer to provide backup documentation and additional work orders. There was over $50,000.00 extras for this project. Any sub-contractors know be carful with additional work request. As any good company we jumped at the opportunity to do MORE work on top of our original contract. As we performed all the additional work orders everything was fine and then the project was completed. As we turned invoices for the additional work orders the nightmare began. We never were paid in full for the additional work orders, NOT EVEN CLOSE. It is a shame when good people do hard and work and NEVER get paid. If Royal Concrete Concepts (or one of there other company names – Royal All Walls, etc) beware you will make no money and if not careful get taken for a lot more.

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Royal Concrete Concepts – another contractor who does not PAY


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