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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/11/2010
  • Severity: 5

Office Depot

Office Depot – Coupons for REWARD CUSTOMERS


Be aware of this scam at Office Depot when you receive the Coupons for REWARD CUSTOMERS. There is an expiration date when you receive these and they are typically not that long. So don’t start complying a list of things to buy and then go at the end of the week once I got over $100 of stuff so I can receive my 20% discount as promised on the coupon. When I presented to the cashier she immediately checked the expiration date. Unaware of this exp. date, she then informed my coupon is NO GOOD. As I stand there thinking I am getting a bunch of stuff at a discount or free, I now have this puzzled look. So she explained to me that there is an expiration date. So needless to say I paid in FULL for my stuff, no discount. Okay so not going to fall for that one again. Few weeks went by and received another coupon in the mail from Office Depot, as not to be dooped again I check to see how much time I have before it expires. Well wouldn’t you know the coupon was expired when I received it. Watch out for this one when you think you are saving money with a coupon.


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