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James Treanor

What a Creepy Pedophile!

Orlando, Florida

James Treanor, 32, a food-service worker at Walt Disney World, explained his interest in child pornography as a "fantasy" and a remedy for boredom, according to an arrest report filed by Sgt. Chris Loyko.

Detectives learned of Treanor while investigating a larger child-porn, file-sharing network.

Loyko said investigators have found more than 5,000 digital images of a child "clearly under the age of 12" unclothed, engaged in sexual acts or in sexual poses. Some of the images depict sexual abuse of infants.

The detective said the digital images and more than 75 movies were found on a laptop computer belonging to Treanor and on a pair of large-storage "thumb" drives seized from him on Christmas Eve.

Treanor told deputies he recently deleted other images from his computer because he was expecting a friend to stay with him over Christmas and he knew the images were illegal.

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What a Creepy Pedophile!


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