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Margaret Osei AKA ( holymargaret )

Love Scam

ACCRA, GHANNA, California, 90019

Margaret appreched me on line from True and had asked me would I like to get to know her and become freinds, so I excepted her invatatioins, and as the months went by, she protended to be very much in love with me, she would come online somes thress times a day! to chat for long periods of time!

So finally this relationship become even more serious, she ask me if I would help her pay for her visa and passport and plane ticket so that she could come and live here with me and my two daughters.

So trusting her I did, because I was so lonely and feeling so down after losing my wife over two years ago and realizing that I could really use some help with my girls, I was dumb enough to send her the money for her plane fare and her visa and passport and some extra cash for traveling plus a cell phone as well so that when she reached the airport here she could call me ok!

but after she received all of my hard earned money ! it was the last that I had heard from
Margaret Osei

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  • johni
  • Submitted: 04/08/2010
HI! Sorry about the scam you can exposed her at: click on opinion.then blog. if you have phone number, e-mail . the more we expose them the better it is
also report thems to
what you do trick them and ask for there phone number and there address just type address and the zip code on google you see what I mean besure they are telling the truth if they said westernunion watch out this one I play with i told her would nice place to visit Nigeria and she saim I am from Nigeria then you know there are playing with you one more think if they ask for your password on the email and your Id watch out

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