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International Finance & Trust, Ltd.

Investment Scam

Fort Myers , FL or Lehi, UT, Florida, 33908

This a scam where the company (International Finance&Trust) led by the people Julie Holden, Bryan Smith, Steven Benders, and Kurt Hamilton offer returns on an investment that they say is secure and the principal is protected where you can make really good returns on your principal. The scam is they make you think your principal is secure and you can elect to leave the investment if they don't produce returns in reasonable periods of time , however your principal is not safe and they have no intentions of returning your principal but rather continue to operate the same way with everybody. We have trying to get our principal back only since 11/30/09 and they have given us every excuse in the book as to why this hasn't happened and they will not disclose the principal to you when challanged. They will not verify anything along the way like wire transfers except through their email. Do not invest with these people as they are probably going to pop up under another company. If you have been involved in the scam I am referring to as an investor contact me as we are pursuing them for criminal behavior


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Dear Dennis,
Judging by your "rant" of scam, and your evident lack of factual understanding I would have to say you are merely a broker. If you are not a broker, but actually a principle then you are simply stupid and definitely NOT an accredited investor. These trades are for accredited investors that would simply understand that companies like IF&T are merely vehicles to the trades and are not performing the trade functions. None of these companies set out to steal anyone's money. THEY DON'T WAKE UP ONE DAY AND DECIDE TO TAKE EVERYONE'S MONEY AND WAIT TO BE HAULED OFF IN HANDCUFF'S! My guess is these people didn't steal your money, nor did they set out to defraud you in anyway. I further guess, that if you or any other investors signed a contract with them, they FLAT OUT TOLD YOU this IS an investment and in fact you COULD lose your money that the ONLY guarantees in life are death and taxes! How you filter that is your business, and your problem, and I will further comment that ANY accredited investor would NOT have to be told the obvious! Further based on your rant, I would have to say that Julie Holden and her fellow colleagues have shown utmost integrity to uphold their contractual obligations called "confidentiality" with the trade group they chose to do business with. If they are still answering you, which it seems as if they are, they are obviously NOT running or hiding so NOT LIKELY did they steal your money! Criminal prosecution will not get you your money back any faster. Ask yourself what your goal is? Then figure out the best approach to get that accomplished. The mere fact this company has NOT rolled over on their contract holder shows me a lot about character, integrity and loyalty, and in fact would be a company that I would do business with. I would recommend before you go flying around with a lot of windbags that think they know everything, that you personally find out the truth, then decide what to do.. Criminal Prosecution is for those who had criminal intent. I don't see anything in your writing that would lead me to that conclusion...
First of all let me inform RU Kidding me of the facts. Yes, Steve Benders told us BEFORE we invested the Investment was protected by a bond. Also, IF&T used a message board to "communicate" with Investors and it was also stated on one of the messages, that they could excercise the bond if they needed to but didn't think they needed to at that point. It was also confirmed on a telephone call with Julie Holden in December in which she told us "Kurt Hamilton (shareholder) told her to just tell all Investors that we are excercising the bond" Let's say they really are not criminal, they didn't mean to make a really bad investment. Ok, best case scenario they are REALLY BAD INVESTORS that lie about the safety of your Investment. and let me repeat, vwe were told by three different individuals our Investment was safe because of the Insurance Policy. So let's just call it false representation, probably won't go to jail but far from ethical. Again, Our JV Agreement states we DO have a right to know what type of financial instrument we are being invested in before it goes bust! We also have a right to any document concerning those trades and documents. It's called a SANITIZED DOCUMENT and it would not give away any conifidentiality. As far as IF&T still communicating with us, we firmly believe they are merely stringing the Investors along hoping everybody will continue to believe the lies and not post any negative information until they can re-open under another name and do the same to another group of Investors that believe they will honor the JV agreement and not be lied to. Once they re-open I'm quite sure we will never hear from them again. I'm quite sure RU kidding me came from an individual from IF&T. As usual they are hiding their real identiy and the real facts. We are doing what we believe is the right thing to do. If we can save other Investors from making the same mistake we did (trusting the individuals at IF&T), then we will have accomplished our goal.
Also, the individuals to be wary of are as follows:

Julie Holden
Steve Benders
Kurt Hamilton (Was involved with Global Reserves, check them out on scam sites)
Bryan Smith

We DO NOT believe these individuals to be honest in their communication or intent.
Spoke with another investor who invested with IFT, International Finance & Trust, Ltd., International Finance & Trust, LLc in Florida who have placed the same type of invest as we did except in trade 1. He has been waiting for his principal return for over 1 year.

He said the same thing as we did, nothing but delays and excuses revolving around the completion of wire transfers so they could get their principal returned.

Is their a pattern here?
Please update anyone who has been scammed by the following individuals that there are civil cases growing against the following individuals; Julie Kaye Holden, Bryan Smith, Kurt Hamilton, John Boschert, and Jenifer Hoffman. If you have been scammed by any of these individuals you should contact Shelly Kolarczyk in Florida at 407-426-5908 and help build a case against these individuals by providing the documentation of your investment scam and hopefully these people will be prosecuted. Good Luck!
I ran into one of the people previously connected with this scam - named Steve Benders. It seems they have a new / another company called Strategic Capital International LLC. There are few red flags about this company and its CEO Steve Benders, so please be careful and do your diligence when investing!!

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