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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/18/2010
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QIT Distribution


McKinney, Texas, 75071

Employment opportunity that is Fraudulent at best and downright Illegal. They want you to receive checks via USPS (which makes it mail fraud and is very illegal) and then cash them at your bank and send the money overseas. The checks themselves are fraudulent and this is simply a email scam that they use to prey on the unemployed and desperate people looking for work.


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I received this scam in my inbox coming from the following gmail address:

with this message and header called "The Media Exchange" Recruitment Consultants:

Our company - "QIT- Distribution" is processing with bastard banking services within the world for more than 10 years. Now it is extending its presence and a package of services in the United States. One of our new turns is transferring of money with the US check for non U.S. citizens. Therefore we need new executives for the work of "Check Processing Manager".

Duties include:

* Receiving a check on USPS

* Check cashing

* Money transferring to the client the mode they choose

* Reporting in the special form for each check

Requirements , Demands , Claims:

* Active US address

* 1-2 hours of free time daily

* Good credit history

Benefits :

* High payment. From 100 $ up to 500 $ per day

* Guaranteed salary of min. 3 000 $

* Several working hours

* Our company takes care of all the taxes on executives' done transactions.

In order to accept this motion, please, register at our webpage and do the instructions.

Best regards.


QIT-Distribution Inc.

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