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  • Submitted: 03/19/2010
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Eric Kitt



Eric Kitt posts a baby sitter job on CRAIGLIST.COM. After you apply he responds back with a story about losing his wife bla bla bla. Then he said he will give you the job and his company will mail you a check. The check has an extra amount for 1 week in advance. We received the check and he expects us to keep $500 and send through MONEY GRAM the difference back to his agent in San Diego, CA. We start feeling suspicious, take the check to the bank and it was a fraud. Read ALL his emails... what a douchebag.

Hello my name is Mr.Eric Kitts , My wife died three months ago of breast cancer I don't wan to talk about this but I think it is important since you would be working as Diane's Nanny. Diane is 2 years old . I am out of the city based on my business that is really booming here and my Girl will be arriving shortly back to Boca , precisely on feb 28th, Diane is here in London with me right now for holiday . After a serious discussion with my father-in-law concerning a proper care for my Girl, we finally decided to search for a good and responsible Nanny/babysitter.If You are a student you can go for your classes and report to Diane as soon as you are done with classes The monthly pay is $2600.00 for live out and $2400.. for live in. We will be responsible for your transportation which in exclusive of your weekly salary regardless of the distance. You will be working with my sister and also a housekeeper for a while before I fully arrive back to the city We are strongly searching for someone of well mannered attitudes, neatness and good sense of relationship. We are a Christian family and we love our religion so basically everything we do is according to our doctrines, I don't mind your religion but just letting you know so we don't offend you.. If you are interested in this offer, please answer all the questions below so i can have a brief idea of You .

Let me know if you will be available for the work offer. If you have any questions as regards this offer, feel free to get in touch with me..You can work
during the Weekend if you can work during the week due to other job or studies. I await a response at your earliest convenience. If the hours are not okay by you let me know. you can also send me an email to .... , i will respond back immediately
Thanks for your details' ,it really would help me make a choice, which I've done, please I want you to understand that my daughter is still little Girl, She deserves all the care and love from you, I will be paying you for the first week before Diane arrive on feb 28th,
She will come with me Immediately after you get your payment from my advance, you will be paid by check.
they are paying because they have agreed to be in charge after the death of my wife. The payment will be in excess cos the check will be for nanny and our traveling ticket fare , so when you get the check you will deduct your money out and send the rest to my agent so he could arrange for our arrival. I want you to send me your full names and full detailed address so they can send the payment this week because me and my Girl will be arriving before month end. I am very happy that I found you and I want you to promise me that you will look after Diane and take her as your own Girl too. I really appreciate your help,A picture of you would be nice so i can show to my daughter ..just hope she wont wrap you up...LOL... Tell me your schedules, how you want to fit in,
I'll get the address of my new home and give you all details after speaking with my agent, for now, please confirm to me if you accept my offer to cater for my lovely Girl.
Please feel free and provide your following details for documentation and information for my company to send the check to you.

Full name:
Current Address:
Zip Code:
Phone Number:
Nationality :

Hello, how are you doing? payment has been sent to you by my company and it will be delivered to you via UPS today , here is the tracking number for it.......1Z412312NT94659860 , once you get it plz get it deposited in your bank account and deduct your advance payment of $500 from the total money,then you send the rest of the money left via Money gram money transfer to my agent to the information Below........ (you can get Money gram location at any walmart store)
Address: 391 Gazetta Way
Zip code: 92154
state: CA
After you send the money I will need the following it to me.
1,Sender's name...........?
2,Sender's address...........?
3,Total amount sent.....?
4,Ref # (8 digits).....................?
5,Money Gram transfer charges.........?
After you complete this transaction,i will provide you with the new address where i will be living now and where you will be working. my agent will get a house for me close to where you live. Please complete this transaction as soon as possible.

Hello ,the check has been delivered to you ,i am yet to hear back from you, pls complete the transaction and email me the transfer details.

WE WROTE HIM BACK: your company check wasn't valid.
Nice try DOUCHEBAG.....................


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He did the same thing to me!!!!! Thank goodness I saw this before he sent the check! Someone needs to stop this liar.

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