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Stanley Lee

Lonely hearts/dating, etc.

Los Angeles, California, 90016

Stanley A. Lee, DOB 4/27/63, has numerous postings all over the Internet-looking for love. He's reportedly born in Dublin, Ireland-holds dual citizenship of both the US & Ireland. Black,wavy hair, brown eyes, 6' 1", 185 lbs., a civil engineer by trade. He uses the same profile picture for his postings.

His story goes like this: he's an only child, both parents were killed in a plane crash, his girlfriend died in some auto accident 6 or some years ago in the LA, CA area. His lists his occupation as civil engineer (self-employed), who travels out of the country on foreign assignments during the year. However, Lagos, Nigeria, proved to be his downfall-since he needs money to be wired to him, in order to make it back into the states. I have his cellphone numbers that he be using, should anyone need to get in contact with him urgently, now whether they still work, remains to be seen. He's never been married, nor does he have any kids, as far as I know of. He has quite a lot of female admirers over the Internet, so please be careful, because he may promise you the world, but he's never going to make it in, because he belongs over the Internet-not in your heart, wallet & definitely, the home.

Sometime ago, on his Facebook account, someone claiming to be his lawyer, made a posting that he's dead-I'll believe it when I see it. The last time that I made some contact with this person, was in February, 2010, by cellphone to remind him to reimburse me for the money that was wired to him, under false pretenses by Mr. Fake Gentleman himself. He won't take my calls or anwer my emails.

He uses the email address: He has some others, that I'm still trying to figure out what addresses he's using. So far, I've tracked on Tagged, MySpace, Myyearbook, Friendster, Facebook, HotorNot & several other sites that are too numerous to name. I'm here to monitor his activities and see what else he's been up to. The only accent that I've detected from this person, is that he sounds Irish, but nothing else.

He's been reportedly featured on some TV show about online scammers? I have yet, to get confirmation regarding that. If and when I do hear about that, I'll keep you all posted.

Anytime anbody asks for money, that person's NOT going to bring you any kind of happiness at all-NOTHING THAT THIS PERSON EVER SOUNDED BELIEVABLE. HE HAD NOTHING TO SHOW FOR HIS STORIES. And when he'd be confronted by me, regarding his women friends requesting me, it's all the same stuff that I've heard before and I got tired of hearing his excuses, so I got rid of him.

I do have proof if anyone wants to see this. I'm also willing to work in prosecuting this individual, to the fullest extent of the law. And if anyone needs further information, please get in contact with me. I'm NOT here for any problems, just here to warn others, to be careful when dealing with this character, that's all. What you do with your business, is just that-your business. I'm not here to hurt or harm others.

If you need to view this person's profiles pics, I suggest you go over to my website, and look over there:


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To see Stanley Lee's profile pics, go over to: You can see his photos and let the rest of us know, if you've had any dealings with this person. Thanks.
Stanley Lee has a profile pic on flickr: type in stanlee45. This information was posted over there at, by a poster. This is one of his profile pics, that I also have posted on my Facebook profile pics, of the heading, Scammer Alert!.
In doing a Google search using the name, stanlee45-this SOB is listed all over many different dating sites and yes, he's even mislead himself on one, for example: he's Spanish-it's a possibility, but I doubt it. In some of the yahoo groups, romancescams-a poster, who's no longer has that email address, is writing about him, but it seems like she doesn't want to believe what the posters/moderators are telling her. You can read up on it, by visiting the archives, on this character. I went on some of those sites, and let the admins. know what this person's about and they should deal with it, on their end. Anything else, I'll keep you all posted.
This Stanley Adams Lee, has taken his profile off of Facebook. The cell phone #s that he has in Nigeria, are both turned off (by his choice), so that no one can bother him. I've received some friend requests, too numerous to name, that they saw my posting about this individual. You're welcomed to find me over there. Just please give me more information and report him to all authorities-may not be able to get justice, but at least, the victim pool, will definitely dry up! I'm still looking into this character, I don't have any further info, to give on this site-but when I do, I'll let everyone know! Thanks and take care.

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