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Prepaid Scam Toll Company

Orlando, Florida, 32837

SunPass has been scamming tens of thousands of Floridians per year. They are supposed to be a prepaid toll program, but they are not. They frequently double charge, or don't charge due to their error which means people violate tolls. These people are never notified of the violation, and some have ended up in jail or with suspended licenses for 75 cent toll violations. They are forced to go to court even if it SunPass's error, and have to pay thousands in fees and attorney services. Many times they do not even update their addresses or credit cards. They do not send you a bill and if you want one they charge you. The bill is so complex, it has no subtotals or totals, so people have to add up pages and pages of .50 - 1.00 tolls. They do not notify you if there is something wrong so many times people keep using the systems and their transponders keep working. Then they send you a bill of thousands of dollars with no itemization or proper explanation. The service representatives are rude and incompetent. No one has done anything to stop this and it has been going on for years. They are able to change their consumer agreement at their discretion and not tell anyone. It is like Russian Roulette with the Expressway. They did this to me, several of my friends, and even to my 80 years old grandparents. They don't even bother to check and see if there are errors in billing when they send it to you. They claim I owe 1700 dollars, and their statements are extremely confusing. Someone has to stop them.


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