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Steavean Taylor and Jennifer Krider

Thieves, Liars, Scum Bags

Brentwood, California, 94513

Claimed he needed a $55k loan and would pay it off within a few month with interest. After 3 months and only paying back $3k, he gave me every excuse of why he couldn't pay any longer.

They have defrauded at least 2 other people that I am aware of totalling $18k.

I am sure there are more people they scammed out there. They don't work, nor has Steavean ever had a real job in his 40 years of life. He lives off lying to people and stealing their money and selling drugs.

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Thieves, Liars, Scum Bags Thieves, Liars, Scum Bags


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OMG, that is way too bad. I used to know him and never thought he'd ever scam someone this bad. His wife is super gross.....she even looks gross. They belong together and I hope you sue the hell out of them and get your money back. They even look guilty in these gross pictures of them. Yeah, he's NEVER had a real job....and she just leeches off of him. Really so sad....and great they dont' have any kids together. ~J boogie
this is craig and matt. we met you at small claims court about a year ago. They still have our 18K
email me at so we can chat.

  • Matt
  • Submitted: 07/10/2012
So my name is Matt, I have known Steve and Jen for a very long time, normally this would be a forum talking about how people have scammed me. But I honestly have to say that Steve and Jen are trying to do Right. They have been making frequent payments to Craig and myself to pay back what was owed. And I am thoroughly impressed. Sometimes when you can't pay back someone you go silent, you feel horrible you don't know what to do, which I myself have done. Money does not grow on trees, you can't snap your fingers and hope to have money, sometimes you have to wait, because when its gone it's not there at that certain moment. I have been in constant contact with Steve and Jen, and they are doing there best to try and get this resolved asap which I am sure they will do with any body else that may have been involved when they are able. Steve got screwed on I deal so myself and Craig got screwed on a deal hence what they say the crap roles down hill. Steve and Jen are trying to do right and live life. And for that I can respect them. There is something to be said about that! Again I have known Steve and Jen for a long time that is why this mess up has baffled me. I know they would never deliberatly try and hurt me and screw me over. They are good people caught in a whirl wind of disaster, but I can't thank them enough for doing the right thing and wishing them a positive, normal and happy life.

Sincerely and Respectfully - Matt

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