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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/23/2010
  • Severity: 10

Crystal Financial Loans

Didn't Receive my Loan

dont know, Delaware

this e-mail said i can get a loan of $30.000 if i send them $200.00 for courier delivery service and $500.00 for the frist months payment i did this beccause i am a vietnam veteren disable and i wanted to pay on my bills so i thought this is a good deal so my wife and i sent the money .then he sent back a message saying he needs $175.00 for tax fees so we sent that then he reply the check was mailed when he received the tax fee about 2 days later i got a message saying the bank could not put the money in my bank account but at the time i did not give him my account number so i ask him to give me my account number if he has it then i got a message from him again saying they need $400.00 for the bank to give him a bank code to put money in my account but we told him we want a check not to put it in my today march 22 2010 i sent him a message i told him if the bank dont want to give me my check or refund of $875.00 could you please get back my money i dont pay till april 14 2010 the amount is $958.00a month so you can see what i have to live on till i get pay


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