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Peter Bamo, Bamo Peter

Nigerian Farm Sale Money Laundering

Worthing, SXE

Peter Bamo, Bamo Peter, also Chuck Peter Bamo meets marks in social internet circles. Claims he needs help finding his inheritance which his elder brother by 30 years took. Offering assistance via the Hall of Records, he finds a lawyer, not a solicigtor nor barrister. Located two flats in Liverpool. Peter falls in love with your and drops out after two weeks from the social site. Sandwiches you with IM chats, txt messages and emails which all begin with his undying love and affetion, then his abject demands and closing with his need and love for you. Suddenly shows up 15 min cab ride from Lagos and family farm which was origianlly 195 acres, then 95 and finally 80 acres. Needs your advice on fixing for closed auction and requires advice, advice, advice, and showers you with love. Disappears every Thurs or Fri. Claims land sells for 8 million U$D and needs you to open a bank at ALLY, GMAC of General Motors sell off into abank without falls, only phone jockies and Net. The buyer has an a/c there due to alleged higher interest which my bank would match. Peter tries 3 wks to get $300,000 sent from buyer, max from Ally would take 32 transactions and wants sleazy Western Union return from your bank so he can pay farmers who'd not been paid in months. Demands your ATM and credit info and becomes a beast. The lies are multiple. The accent is not UK but rather either Dutch or Eastern African from Kenya to Sud Afrik. Turns on you as he thurns on a dime and your computer comes up wiit 57 Trojans capable of taking info on all money, credit issues, over 2,000 virarl and worms which destroy your coputer, oh, for those who allow themselves to fall in love with him, he is already on another website serching for his next mark, a 65 yr old millionaire from Newport Beach, CA on the site Manjam. Peter always goes by littleshake007 no matter the email carrier. Claims the 36 entries for littleshake007 from 3 continents who also have connections with is alleged home in Worthing, West Sussex, UK are identity fraud, watch your identity. He supplies photos, but the bone structure is not the same person if he is the caucasian he claims as his velvet voice and accent may indicate a native of Africaq.


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  • lucy
  • Submitted: 07/26/2010
i know peter well and he does`nt lok a scammer.why not stop destroying people and work on yourself.its a pity he got to know you anyways.

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