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Jenny Williams or Jenny Sarah Williams

914 Fraud

Worle, SLD, BS22 7TS,

Jenny asked to be my friend on facebook. She had found me through a group I imagine I think Crystal Hays Fan Page, a model. So she slept in my friends without writing for a year or so, then finally started commenting and slowly getting me to talk to her. Happened after a breakup I had Winter 2009 USA. So I decided to chat with her, email, typical stuff. Her pictures were too good though. And when she sent me more a few weeks ago, I was even more suprised that she looked so well. Anyway she wanted marriage, and wanted all kinds of little things to get there. Said she was a nanny living with her cousin, mother a mystery, father and brother died in car accident. Father was a financial real estate guy, worth 85 million. Blah blah blah. Finally a friend was more suspicious and using my email account traced her to Lagos Island Nigeria. Feel free to write me and I will tell you about it. Many Many months of daily talk and the like. More details available, more pics too. Later.

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914 Fraud


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I left my laptop on and my friends thought it would be funny to prank me and jenny. Please remove this post. It was a good prank, but not funny to Jenny. Thanks. I will log out every time for now on. johngordonwyland
Please take this off this is not true some dude did this from my bf's computer
  • johni
  • Submitted: 04/08/2010
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