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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/26/2010
  • Severity: 5

Kim, Yeo Hyung

Got Refund & Not Sending the Bag Back

Vancuver, BC , V6R2H7

eBay item: 110477939645

I sold a Prada bag, but the buyer wanted to return the bag but I didn't receive it back; gave full refund with shipping cost.

Buyer: ymyh012
Shipping Address:
Kim, Yeo Hyung
#8- 4336 W10th AVE
Vancouver BC V6R2H7

I need my item back, I have refunded the item. The buyer wants me to pay the custom's fees. Our CPA told me that I don't live in Canada, so I am not liable to pay the custom's fees. The buyer also wanted me to write "Gift" on the package, so that she didn't have to pay the custom's fees. For every sentence I have written in this report, I do have a proof and if you want, I can forward each and every eBay conversation to you.

Here is the proof of refunding the item:


Jan 21, 2010 Refund To Yeo Hyung Kim Completed Details 5PD80162F5613101H -$472.08 USD

Jan 17, 2010 Payment From Yeo Hyung Kim Refunded Details 85318946W6124861N $472.08 USD

I need my item back please, in the same condition I had sent to her.

<>Sue Pats


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