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Joeseph Isaacs


Palm Harbor, Florida

Joesph Isaacs aka Joe Isaacs or Joe Cool has been terminated from FHTM! What we know so far is that the website Joe owns ( has been misleading people in the hopes of selling them a webinar tool. They claim the site ( was created to help reps network and stay connected via there social platform. They also claimed several time that this sites main intent was to influence the search engine listings and push out some misinformation about FHTM. In contrary to this purpose the admin of has been posting negative blogs about not only the company (FHTM) as a corporation but has posted negative content about some of the key leaders in the organization. Even more disturbing they have created fake accounts for some of these leaders and then posted content in the hopes of selling you or I their webinar tool ($26 a month). These posting are under false pretenses. They are hoping you and I will buy this tool because of the credibility these leaders posses. AT NO TIME HAS A FHTM LEADER PROMOTED THEIR TOOLS! Hope to spread the word about this so reps out building their fortune business are not scamed into paying for this tool. We wont let rouge scam artists deceive us!!! Please digg this content at so we can uncover this scam artist!


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  • FHTM
  • Submitted: 04/07/2010
First and foremost - Fortune Social is a social network just like Facebook and all profiles 24/7. Secondly nobody was scammed into joining fortunesocial or using the webinar tool that was created and paid for by an independent rep for FHTM. Is Go To Meeting and Facebook also a scam? I highly doubt it. This poster obviously has no clue about the situation or the content of her post. It is malicious and lies.
This guy is a total nutcase....beware.... He has not only misled represenatives with the "fortunesocial" website deal but he has also falsified documents, made false claims, and claimed that he, himself is a lawyer.
Please beware, FHTM is a legitimate company, however, Joe Issacs is not. His credibility is zero.
in 03/04 this guy contacted our firm regarding starting a bank so we worked with him as we do with any inquiry because determining a groups viability and setting a direction takes time. after our initial visits we did not hear from him for a couple of months until in the area biz journal up came a story that he was forming a bank. I read the story and google him and up came our firms website he had stolen but put his name on it. It took months to unwind the mess and the group who he signed up sued him for fraudulent intent. the newspaper really picked up on him and did not let go. he had been married to a Russian girl, beat her in a dispute over their bride import business. He had numerous lawsuits for running a telephone establishment scam when he wold "file for a group or municipality to own its on phone provider network". then he got into models and bikinis. (he did drop the banking endeavor as that can lead to a federal offense and I understand his server network at that time melted down). if you have the misfortune of dealing with Joesph Isaacs its always good to keep an eye on him to see what he is up to so you know its nothing to do with you or your business. (all the press you read is his own listed in a pr format and in some professional listings he is noted as being a PhD.) Currently on linkedin he is masquerading as an attorney but has several listings. recently he stole the materials and identity of a MLM firm in KY then after being found out started a rant about their services.
Obviously the few delusional posters here haven't a clue as to what they are speaking about including the midget fudge packer going by the name bankalchemist.
for Barbara Bushe you must be asphyxiated to say the least while snorting the fumes from this midget fudge packer you speak of. Mr Issacs was the personal teacher and scribe for Bernie Madoff. They are of the same clan...The House of David in NYC. Now that's a real flavor savor.
  • FHTM
  • Submitted: 08/07/2012
Bankalchemist is nothing more than a fudge packing butt sniffing asshole. He never did business with Isaacs and has no clue. As for the rest of these posters, get your facts straight before you slam someone for telling the truth.
FHTM is Joseph Isaacs; he often post under others monikers or uses false names like Barbarabushe here. In 04/05 Isaacs was scamming a bank organizing group in the Tampa Bay area (see business journal) and to present himself he stole our firms website and changed only the name with everything else being a direct lift. The group disengaged with him when they realized he had never done what he professed to do. SOUND FAMILIAR? Just Google him.
MLM fraud whistle-blower Joseph Isaacs, who was made famous by exposing the Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM) pyramid scheme and fraud back in 2010, has just released his memoir titled, “Skapegoat the FHTM Blame Game Story”. It is available via Amazon for the Kindle, via Barnes and Noble for the Nook and also in paperback through Create Space.

This compelling, true and personal, story is about a successful semi-retired 30+ year entrepreneur that turned whistle-blower after getting involved with an illegal Ponzi style MLM called Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM) in 2009. Top FHTM leaders and its founder Paul Orberson tried to destroy his life after he developed a FREE Facebook style tool-set for the industry. Subsequent to FHTM receiving their 2nd cease and desist from Montana, he filed a complaint with the Kentucky BBB explaining their fraudulent ways, in an effort to get reimbursement for unwanted inventory. Shortly thereafter they make him the global scapegoat for everything bad happening to FHTM.

Mr. Isaacs was hit with a frivolous lawsuit claiming trademark violation for marks they never owned. The “fortune mark” is owned by Time, Inc. and FHTM was under an order to stop using it themselves. This was a foolish attempt to gag him and stifle his "Freedom of Speech" rights to prevent FHTM from being further branded as an "Illegal Pyramid Scheme". The stress of the harassing litigation caused multiple life-threatening heart attacks. Mr. Isaacs almost died in 2011 from the heart issues caused by FHTM. This story will keep you mesmerized by the deceit, sexual harassment, lies, judicial manipulation, influence peddling and the drama that unfolds over the next couple of years.

His campaign for truth-telling finally bears fruit when FHTM was shut down on the morning of January 28th, 2013 when the FTC and Kentucky AG raided the Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing corporate offices in Lexington, Kentucky. Employees were sent walking and all files were confiscated. Northern District of Illinois Federal Judge Darrah issues a temporary restraining order. Receiver Rob Evans and Associates was appointed.

"This is the beginning of the end for one of the most prolific pyramid schemes operating in North America, " Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway said. "This is a classic pyramid scheme in every sense of the word. The vast majority of people, more than 90 percent, who bought in to FHTM lost their money."
Skapegoat is Joseph Isaacs selling his tell all "I am the Victim" narrative Book. This is great for previewing on the porcelain throne as you release morning Isaacs. Google Joseph Isaacs for Russian Brides, Banking,(covered in the local Business Journals) Bikini Models, Telecom, Fl Real Estate transactions which are unregistered and if you have time he will show you how he got a phony Ph.D. Isaacs simply got caught stealing someone else materials. So now regardless of FHTM which he was selling himself he is the victim.
Skapegoat is the name of Joseph Isaacs new memoir. You are just a pissed off asshole because nobody is forming denovo banks and Mr. Isaacs efforts led to the downfall of a 500Million dollar pyramid scheme.
NO SKAPEGOAT & Joseph Isaacs are one in the same. I did feel relief for him after reading it on the porcelain throne and it being a paper back the pages come out easily to complete the mornings business. Its a good read if you are backed up.
BANKALCHEMIST was just sued in Federal court for slander and libel. I hope Isaacs gets the 10 Million he is requesting from this idiot. He never read Mr. Isaacs book because he is an illiterate midget. All he cares about is how well he can take a crap. Unintelligent and illiterate fool.
We were very complementary to SKAPEGOAT by awarding him 5 porcelain throne designations for his creative work. He was thoughtful in providing the work in paper so it was recyclable and could double back as TP. We were wondering if he was going to release it in braille along with audio for when we are traveling or using a port-a-potty. (oh and best of all the INK did not smear) The work was well done in first person "I was not to blame" but lacked adequate footnotes as to the sources being cited to be a creditable work. Is it on ipad yet and will he be going on a speaking and signing tour so we can have the chance to get our copy signed. Is Dennis Rodman going to play Joseph Isaacs in the movie version.

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