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Allan Zielinski

Watch out Girls here Comes MIKE

Sunnyside, New York, 11356

Allan Zielinski what a jerk he tell girls that he is rich. He has a wife that looks like she had to many men at one time. Then he makes her go to work and sell her old *ss to men to pay for his hair gel. He had one girl think he was so rich that he needed cash from her to pay for a car that he never had. Then he robbed his own mother for cash. This is a man who his own father had told me that he has a son that he has never seen. Allan has also robbed the mother of his child for $57,000.00. This guy girls is also on another web site called.

DONTDATEHIMGIRLS.COM AND PUT HIS NAME IN. Look at all the sh*t he has done to alot of girls.

Girls when see this guy call the cops. He has rubbed his body on a young girl a few times then the girl told her mother and they threw him out. He is dirt and so is his Dirtbag wife and drunk big head mother. His father is a good man, but his sister is a working girl if you know what I mean. Guy I will work on getting her number for you. He is know in Sunnyside as a DIRTBAG to everyone.


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  • Gotcha
  • Submitted: 12/23/2011
Hi, Mat

Whether you like it or not, I am Allan (Mike?) sister. While you may take offense to my brother, that's fine, have at it. However, personal attacks on his family is both undeserved and unwarranted and punishable in a court of law. While WSY can not technically be prosecuted for publishing un-refereed information, you can. As far as being a working girl, I suppose I am. I did my 4 years of college, 6 years in U.S. Naval Intelligence...2 of which were in Homeland Security. Currently, I'm an investigator for a state agency. I won't tell you which state or which agency I, or one of my friendly colleagues may be visiting soon. In any case, you have my attention and keen interest. Currently, My colleagues and I are currently trying to figure out if there is statute of limitations on internet libel. From there, all I really need is your email address...which is not as confidential as they claim and may be recovered by subpoena. Then, I dunno, I guess we'll see if you've been good to your wife and kids and whether or not you cheat on your taxes, if you have good credit or are out to fuck people over as you claim my brother does. Frankly, I have very little family feel free. Oh, and by the way, if you turn out to be a friend or spawn of Sally, I would talk to an attorney. quickly. So charming to read your post and know you are a proud member of the illiterati. What a waste of tax dollars to educate you to the 7th grade. See you in the funny papers. GOTCHA!

I'm so disappointed in my fellow man right now...

If you believe WSY has your back and you are protected, have a look at

this is the link to the lawsuit and the attorney who is suing Tasha at for libel and publishing untrue information on the internet. Why not send Tasha an email and see how she's enjoying her new format. :D

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