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Rip Off at On-line Checkout

London, LCN

This 3rd party provider of a discount club hide themselves within thousands of on-line retail outlets. I purchased a CD once for £7.00 from a well know on-line retail outlet and I found out 9 months later that I was being charged £8.00 a month (abt $15.00) for some discount club I had aparently agreed to at the checkout.

The only thing I ticked at the checkout was a freebie offer - no mention of my credit card details being transferred to an out side party was ever implied, this thing was in my cart, said it was free, and I was just buying a CD from a trusted brand.

Little did I know that when I clicked the checkout of my trusted store they were going to automatically give my credit card details to some muppet they were affiliated with and let this 3rd party take money out of my account.

Web Loyalty was prosecuted in the States but nothing happened here in UK as far as I know.

Web Loyalty are scum bags and as bad as cyber criminals, the merchants who use them are stupid but Web Loyalty are the people that need to be kicked hard for draining peoples accounts without express permission.

They use a legal loop hole, the same one acai berry people use, they help turn ordinary people into criminals as people think if legal companies are allowed to rip off people so are we.

This company are unethical and their 'shopper discounts and rewards' scheme is a big scam - but they aren't closed down because the scam isn't understood by enough people with influence enough to stop them, so it's left up to stupid people like me to tell everyone.

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Rip Off at On-line Checkout Rip Off at On-line Checkout


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