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  • Submitted: 04/02/2010
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Qit Distributions

Qit-Distribution HR

Anaheim, California, 92801

Once you go to their website and fill out your personal information, they will use it to steal your identity and take your money!

We found your curriculum vitae on the CareerBuilder therefore our HR department looked through your curriculum vitae and length of service and highly recommends you for the job of an “Executive Manager” in our corporation.

Your work will consist of:

* filling out of report on on the carried out work on time
* Maintaining of records of customers in the USA
* Support customers with all the needed information
* Maintaining of financial operations on the territory of the USA

You’ll get the detailed information over the telephone interview.

Person specification:

* Age: starting from 25
* Citizenship: US
* Time: from 3 to 5 hours of free time daily to do his,her duties

The payment makes up to 5000USD per month. The payment will be carried out to your bank account monthly.

There are many candidates wishing to obtain this work therefore we’re nicely asking you not to put away with your decision about this work.

You may detect all the rest information on our webpage

If the work of Executive Manager is really interesting to you, then please follow these steps:

1. Register at our webpage webpage
2. Please fill out all the fields correctly, while data will be checked by our
3. security department.
4. Pass an interview over the phone.
5. Sign a agreement with our organization.

We really appreciate your wish to join our organization and we’re looking forward to a long-term collaboration.

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I recieved this same email from today (4/2/2010). I'm glad i had my doubts before i clicked on thier link and filled out my personal information. Thank you.

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