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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/04/2010
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Gloria Salazar

Fake Apartment Rental

Combes, Texas, 78535

Just wanted to give a heads up about this woman who has a history of scams. I responded to her Toronto apartment listing and she claimed that because she was living in Texas she could not show me the interior of the apartment. She asked me to send her half the rent and deposit and she would courier the keys to me. I googled her name and found out immediately that she was a known scammer. She also uses the names Gloria Valencia Salazar and Mark Geier, who is either a pseudonym or her partner. Either way, they perform variations of the same scam!

Below is a transcript of the last email she sent me. Hopefully this will help someone else avoid being scammed by this couple:


I can see your willingness in this rent,I am a responsible person, born again christian to be precise, I ain't after the money but someone responsible to take care of the place while i' am away and that is why i make it fair in putting the rent at $800. In the ad,it read rent includes utilities and utilities includes the following cable, internet, hydro, laundry,there is permitted street parking.I shall be giving you the apartment for rent. You have a good profile and I have considered you to be my new tenant.

You'll pay the half of the first month rent and damage deposit which is $625 and the other half when you have received the keys and other documents. The monthly rent for the whole apt is $800 which includes utilites and a damage deposit of $450 which is refundable making a total of $1250, i required half which is $625 to show your commitment to the apartment, secure and hold the apartment..

The package contains Entrance and the rooms Keys, Paper/Permanent apartment form, The apartment documentary file and Payment Receipt.

The payment will be made via Money Gram and as soon as your payment is confirmed, I'll get back to you with the tracking number for you to know when the package will be delivered to your door step the next day.

Here's the payment information:

Receiver's Name: Gloria Salazar
City : Combes
State: Texas
Zipcode: 78535
Amount Sent: $625
Text Question: to who
Answer: Gloria

Get back to me with the Money Gram payment details which includes the sender's name, address and 8 digits Ref#

Regard and God bless you!!!
Gloria Salazar


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