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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/05/2010
  • Severity: 10

Sean Patrick Flanagan of Flanagan Properties, Inc.

"Lucky Buys Yucky Houses"

Altamonte Springs, Florida

First, he never told us he was the owner of "" until we saw him on an infomercial one day and it dawned on us why the condo he rented to us was so DISGUSTING! I have to steam clean the carpets myself, scrub every floor, bathtub, toilet, cabinet, wall, space between baseboard and carpet, and window to get the horrid cigarette smoke smell to go away. We have gone with AC for almost a month now, he has not responded to any email or phone call for two weeks.

Turns out, since 1990, he has been putting a down payment on houses in foreclosure in order to cancel the lien, writes a contract with the owner stating his intentions, then has the deed signed over to him. Then he gets a tenant to rent the property, collects payments, and never pays for the mortgage. The house will still foreclose costing the original owner and the tenant much financial hardship. He changes his name to a new alias following the foreclosure, his residence, and the office phone number. You are never given, or able to find, a physical address for the office. It is nearly impossible to track him through public records. I did find him through You have to pay to see the full report, however type Sean Flanagan as the search and an entire page of his separate identies, aliases, and cities he has resided in are listed there.

He is a con artist who has been getting away with mortgage fraud since 1990. I have no idea why no one has reported him before, but I have reported him to every federal, state, county, and city government agency possible. If there are any other places I can file a complaint I will not hesitate. He needs to be caught and I wanted to inform everyone of this before you get caught up in the disaster we are in.

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I too was scammed by this man & his wife. I would appreciate it if anyone who has had any involvement with him would please contact me. It sounds to me like a class action lawsuit may be possible.
Samantha Young
The anonymous complaint above was from a previous tenant who we evicted because he couldn't pay his $795 monthly rent. His name is Matthew Carpenter. Samantha Young is another tenant who was going to be evicted, but an agreement was reached to get her out even sooner. Unfortunately, as a landlord you sometimes come across "tenants from hell" and these are those tenants.

Nothing in this post is true and each accusation can easily be proved false. For example, I was a sophomore in high school in 1990. I was a student and varsity basketball player...yet I was committing mortgage fraud simultaneously at 16 years old?

I hide my phone number? Or address? Even my HOME address is easily accessible via a quick search. I've got phone records where this guy calls me over 30 times in a one hour period AT NIGHT to tell me his girlfriend Kendall Binkley clogged the toilet and I need to come unclog it!

Not only was he given my office address and phone number, he was given my cell phone number as well.

And h says he's reported me to every city, county, state and federal agency possible? Here we are 7 months later and obviously those agencies felt nothing was done wrong or I wouldn't be a free man today. He did in fact make every accusation he could dream up and nothing came of it because the accusations were 100% false.

Lies made up by tenants who are being evicted...

Nothing more.

And I move around from city to city using different aliases? I was born in Orlando, Florida and have lived in this general area my entire life. Oh wait - I did live in a couple different cities back in the college days. Please forgive me...

And the funniest part of all - "he never told us he was the owner of "" until we saw him on an infomercial one day" ?? Wait - I thought I was some con artist lurking in the shadows using made up aliases and hiding so no one can find me?? I guess the best strategy for that is to advertise myself and my business on TV. No one will ever find me that way...

Since we live in the internet age, I guess it's important to prove what I'm saying here instead of just throwing words at the screen like this guy has done. I posted the settlement agreement that Matt Carpenter and his girlfriend, Kendall Binkley, agreed to when we took them to court for eviction. You will see that not only is everything I've stated here true, these people also owe me thousands of dollars in back rent and damages. You will even see it addressed in the agreement that they stop making things up and slandering me. Of course, they never paid the money they owe. Oh, and by the way, the judge didn't see it their way either. Go figure...

Anyways, you can view the court papers at the link below if you care enough about this ridiculous accusation to do so:

Btw, I would have uploaded them here but this site doesn't give the person being slandered the ability to upload proof that what's being posted about him is 100% false. The only person who can upload a file is the person doing the slandering and in this case he uploaded a few random pics he probably found by doing a google search of damaged houses...

Sean Flanagan
(407) 927-3842 my "secret" cell number
Sean Flanagan is a scammer, con artist and i too am still looking into legal recourse. All he wrote in his response is lies the following are some of his handywork:

These are case numbers is orange county against him:




These two are from Polk County:

11/02/2007 MTGF 11

01/29/2007 MTGF 11

The anonymous sumitter had it right. This person claims to help you stop foreclosure or buy your house but what he does is scam you and your house goes into forclosure and they pocket all monies collected from rent. WFTV's Eye on your side even did a story on his shady business. DO NOT TRUST THIS LOW LIFE SCUM!!!!
  • tavian
  • Submitted: 10/11/2011
I don't understand. You are claiming you moved into a house and THEN found out it was disgusting. Didn't you do a walkthrough BEFORE moving into the condo. The others cases referred to in here are civil NOT criminal. Anyone can sue anyone else for anything.

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