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Thierry Boinnard

Eagle Security

Miami, Florida

He claims to be an International Transport Company. He then takes your money and stops returning phone calls. He has $835,000 of investors money just that I know about!



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EAGLE SECURITY INTL had entered into a contract with this broker that had a non-refundable clause, because the broker never informed their investors of this clause and because the investors never read the invoice sent from EAGLE SECURITY INTL the broker is trying to push the blame on EAGLE SECURITY INTL. Those are the facts, case will be handled in an upcoming suit filed against this broker for defamation.
  • Barb
  • Submitted: 04/22/2010
To be exact, the line item says:

"Transport Non-Refundable. $300,000 payable at completion of mission."

The monies given to Thierry were for the advance payment of taxes and export fees, I have emails from Thierry confirming that the monies paid were for Taxes and Export Fees.

I can assure you, many professionals have looked at the document and NONE of them have said we signed a non-refundable contract. This is a smoke screen for THEFT.
  • Barb
  • Submitted: 04/22/2010
Need I remind you, you are a partner in the deal and you talked to most of the investors yourself. YOU REASSURED MANY OF THE INVESTORS THAT THE MONEY WAS TOTALLY GUARANTEED. I am not sure when or what Thierry offered YOU to jump ship but isn't your integrity worth more?
I never guaranteed anything to anyone, this was your supplier and you claimed to have done due dilligence on your supplier and you said they were legit, I have the email stating such from you.
Also the invoice and contract are very clear, you just forgot to tell your investors.
I am only being honest with what I know and was in the middle of, I have no reason to lie, my integrity is all I have and the contract, invoice and your emails and correspondence will show your claims to be false. I was also told by one of your investors that you told him of your intention to try to ruin ESIs' reputation, he will attest to that. So time to come clean before you kill the deal, it is almost to completion between ESI and the Investors. No thanks to you!
Buyers must be ware of fraudulent sellers of gold. Eagle Securities (Mr. Boinnard) is a vendor only. They take upfront non refundable deposits to cover their expenses and in concert with their contract and then go in to lift the gold. If it is not there when the shipper (Eagle) arrives, the buyer must accept the fact that the buyer did not properly secure the goods to be held for shipper. This is not the fault of the is between seller and buyer.
Blasting Eagle Securities for failing to lift gold that was not there waiting in place simply hurts other legitimate buyers when this amateur nonsense shows up on the internet.
If you had a legal case you would file it and win it.
I suggest you take this complaint down as you are hurting other legitimate buyers who successfully utilize Eagle Securities as their shipper.
Apparently you are doing this to cover for the failure to properly protect your investors.
Please take this off the internet and take it to court or live with it.
Thank you.
I've been scammed by Thiery Boinnard and his company Eagle Security International, Inc a Florida Corporation.

The above statement is an attempt to to clear Thierry's name.

If you've been scammed by Thierry Boinnard, regardless of when, please post a comment here. It's important!
Thierry represented himself as a person who has experience in this industry and woudl protect us from a bad seller. It turned out Thierry set us up and kept all the money.

He's a Liar, A thief...come and get me Thierry. I dare you!
  • Barb
  • Submitted: 11/29/2010
If Thierry Boinnard is approaching you for money, RUN! He stole $70K out of a restaurant deal and barely stayed out of prison. He has now stolen almost a million dollars from more investors. The only person that will win if you deal with this foreign thief, is him.

DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! Call me (303) 757-7900 and I will be happy to send you documentation.

  • esi
  • Submitted: 01/06/2011
Barb, this is where your ignorance is !! you dont stop to try to make your point in something you know
i dont have anything to do in your verification about your seller , but is something i want to answer about ,when you try to make your research about a ( restaurant deal ) go a little bit further !!! FBI and the court of justice in Miami condemn mister George Louis Theodule, Creative Capital Consortium (CCC) using my name to try to clean some operation in Miami ,and the funny think is!!!
am the one reach the FBI in Miami alerting them about this gentlemen .
Now my company and my self send you tru my attorney all ready a letter asking you to stop,if you do not respect this condition i m the one to start making movement by law ! i hope you happy about your little game because yes in fact a loose couple of deal but now the good part is ,because of your comment i can follow the procedure and go after you with all email and cancelation deal i have because of your little game and prouve to any judge in the court your are the responsable about my lost ,so please
be smart and stay were you belong a realstate remax agent that all

good luck in your future

esi thierry boinnard 305-3165411
TO THE AUTHOR - BARBARA GREGG- AKA-"scammed buyer"— Reality Check

As someone who has a level of expertise with gold transactions in West Africa (both good and bad), I feel it necessary to ask some elementary questions regarding YOUR - (BARBARA GREGG’s) – so called transaction between YOU as a broker and your Client.
1) Are YOU -(BARBARA GREGG)- a licensed gold buyer? I believe the answer is NO. CIF deals are rare, and typically occur only when a licensed gold buyer and licensed gold seller have consummated at least one cash-and-carry transaction. Without a license to buy gold, then you-(BARBARA GREGG) – may be guilty of committing investment fraud towards your outside investors by soliciting money from them for a commodity you are not authorized to purchase and move. To further, you wouldn’t have the authority to perform legal and proper due diligence to verify.
2) Do YOU - (BARBARA GREGG) - (or better yet, your unlicensed and unauthorized company) have an account at an accredited refinery? Again, the answer is NO. Then who was the authorized “principal” in the proposed transaction? You couldn’t legally purchase the goods (even on consignment); you couldn’t “exit” the goods – so how was this transaction supposed to “go down”?
3) Upon doing some research, it is found that you and your partner are/were just real estate agents in Denver, Colorado. Have you ever driven your car around to show a client a number of homes – only to have them purchase another house you didn’t show from another agent? Did you call the holder of your car note and tell them you shouldn’t have to pay your car payment that month because you spent your time and gas money on prospects that didn’t buy a house? Security is expensive – and all good Security Companies and Transportation Companies incur significant cost on the front end of any assignment. Every legitimate Security Company and Transportation Company (about a dozen good ones) charge non-refundable deposits – as do private charter companies (private airlines.) It’s not their responsibility to consummate a “deal” for their clients. It’s their job to protect and transport goods once a deal is consummated. They incur cost for services contracted and performed whether your deal is real or not.

The number of individuals and companies “flipping” gold is very small. Thierry Boinnard has a proven track record, so he most certainly has – and currently is successfully doing business in West Africa, including Mali & Ghana. He - Thierry Boinnard- is a licensed gold buyer, and has successfully transported gold for high net worth individuals and purchased gold himself over the last ten years. It is not publically known exactly how many kilograms he has procured in the last twelve months, but it’s at least 500Kg’s. (He-Thierry Boinnard-successfully closed that deal for a firm that wanted to “take it down;” but was otherwise unable to.) Similarly, there are many very successful European Investment companies who refuse to use any security firm other than Eagle Security International (Thierry’s company.)

This is an extremely tough business. The margins are good when business is conducted correctly; however, you went about it the wrong way. You don't have a gold license - so what on earth made you think you could buy one of the most valuable precious minerals on the planet?! Gold is CURRENCY. No real estate or other joker broker can walk in and put a valid deal together. Let's please clean up this ridiculous broker b.s. and stop blaming others when deals you had no authority to put together don't come to fruition!
  • Barb
  • Submitted: 04/01/2011
I’m not a licensed title company. I hire a licensed title company, a professional who knows and is responsible for the well being of all those involved. I hired Thierry Boinnard – Eagle Security International - a licensed gold exporter/buyer, an experienced gold transporter who guaranteed the security and safety of our investment, a stellar businessman with impeccable credentials, never a doubt that he was the right man for the job. As you might know, should a title company knowingly close on a transaction where they can’t clear title they are liable for all damages as is Thierry. Also, if the title company fails to close but moves the money to another bank account and refuses to refund it, they are again in violation of trust laws, criminal laws, wire fraud, and whatever else law enforcement will add to trump those charges.

Thierry’s responsibility was simply to verify the transaction and keep the investors safe (then transport if all checks out correctly). Instead he diverted all the money to another country and refused to return it. He failed to do the work he was hired to do, he failed to provide security for our money as he is the one who diverted it, he failed to protect those who hired him….he took ALL our money.

Thierry has made a lot of money using these investors money, why doesn't he just give it back? Let me briefly tell you about the investors: (Fictional names but real people and real situations):

Sam: He spoke with Thierry on a few occasions and Thierry promised him that his money was guaranteed and safe so he pulled out his 12 year old son's college fund and wired it directly into Thierry's account. (They had been saving for his college since before he was born).

Wendy: Single mom, received a small inheritance, spoke with Thierry, believed in him and wired her entire inheritance, her cushion, her safety net directly to Thierry.

Adam: Works two jobs and has two small kids; they had been saving to buy a home for over four years, he spoke with Thierry and agreed to wire their entire savings directly to him.

Matthew: Could not afford much to invest so he borrowed it from his boss. He is now working a second job to pay his boss back

What you are not mentioning is that Thierry spoke to every investor, he assured every investor the deal was real and guaranteed. The "joker brokers" as you so aptly put it, relied on Thierry for his skill and expertise. Thierry personally brought real harm to everyone involved in this. The money was wired directly to him---he is absolutely and totally responsible for the theft.

It’s not too late for Thierry to return everyone’s investment. He’s made plenty with our money since. Only greed would prohibit him from returning our money. I suggest very seriously that he consult with his attorney and draws up a mutual indemnity agreement and return the funds immediately. This is his only way out now. It's the right thing to do (for everyone) he needs to do this and put this chapter behind him.

Freedom is a terrible thing to lose, never allow greed to control your decisions.

I don’t care how you look at this but we’ll see how the authorities see it – it’s all in time my friend.

Barb Gregg Phone 303-757-7900 Fax 866-239-9855 _____________________________________________________

He licensing is hanging by a thread. She is an unprincipled person and not to be trusted with any investment.

This is typical of her MODUS OPERANDI as she finds an investor and tells them she has a seller of Gold. There neither was nor ever were a real gold seller - and the clients wire funds to her and her partners account off shore as we are hearing.
Now this is her feeble attempt to extort more money and at the same time try to cover her ass by posting lies, fictitious fables, name calling, and blaming a legitimate, honest, and competent company like THIERRY BOINNARD of EAGLE SECURITY INTERNATIONAL LLC. The fact is that THIERRY BOINNARD never met your client. Your client sent the deposit, not you. Your client talked to THIERRY BOINNARD and also sent THIERRY BOINNARD an email apologizing that YOU - BARBARA GREGG-lied to him and scammed him. THIS IS WHY WE DO NOT SEE THE ACTUAL CLIENT COMPLAINING –ONLY YOU?

Your statement above makes no sense as now you are saying that you fired your client when in fact that your client had fired you.
You are disgruntled broker- you lost your client because you were rude, arrogant, ignorant and tried to screw your client and the other brokers in the deal. You took up- front fees from your own client.
You have falsely stated that you are a licensed Gold Dealer and International Commodity Trader and you are not. You and your partner, Jean Meadows, have changed your company names and phone numbers many times to evade the law and none of them are registered.

There are written documents stating that you did all the due diligence on your so called seller of gold. It is not the Security or Transportation Company’s job to research your transaction.
FYI- There is not a Security Company, Body Guard Service, or Transportation Company in the world that will not take an up front non refundable deposit and for obvious reasons.

From what I’m reading regarding your above attempts to put a spin on your- (BARBARA GREGG) - wrong doings, you have absolutely no real grounds for your fraudulent postings. You are not reading the previous posts nor do not understand as due the content might be a bit above your level of reading and comprehension; however,
you have no clue what you are talking about and anyone with half a brain can see you are as dumb as a chicken AND NOT TO BELIEVE ANY OF YOUR LIES AND FALSE STORIES and YOU know nothing of this business.
You are totally clueless as to what is and how a real operational gold transaction operates. I am not surprised by your ignorance and extreme lack of knowledge that you continue to embarrass yourself on your own post and at the same time you are unaware of these actions.

Barbara, to further, lets just assume that your ludicrous statements of a bad transaction were real for a second.
Then we would have to ask, what part of -YOUR TRANSACTION IS DEAD –do you not understand?
You are blaming your poor negotiation skills, ignorance, arrogance, disorganization, and lack of knowledge on everyone else except yourself?
Barbara, if you shared a TAXI CAB to meet a client for a deal and the other passenger paid and the deal feel through, do you go back to the TAXI CAB DRIVER and ask for your money back, when in fact you did not pay for the TAXI and it was paid for by another person?

THIERRY BOINNARD of EAGLE SECURITY INTERNATIONAL LLC has an international reputation of fine service with many years of experience.


  • Barb
  • Submitted: 04/03/2011
Remax Hall of Fame, Executive/President/100% Club from 2000 to 2010, numerous awards and recognitions from the Board of Realtors…NEVER BEEN PURSUED, INVESTIGATED OR SUED. This in fact, is my record... I think you confused my record with your wifes. Was she able to keep her real estate license?

I can document everything I have written, your post was just the ramblings of a lying illiterate fool. Thievery (whoops, forgot and used your nickname) you don’t really believe you can convince a jury and continue your lies, do you?

And again, the standard warning...If Thierry Boinnard or anyone from Eagle Security approaches you for money--RUN. He is a known cheat, liar and a thief and I can provide all proof and documentation to that fact.

Barb Gregg 303-757-7900
  • esi
  • Submitted: 04/22/2011
  • esi
  • Submitted: 04/22/2011

BARBARA GREGG –AKA- International Commodity Traders LLC, contacted ESI in October of 2009 to pick up a contractual amount of Gold in Mali from her “Seller” and deliver the allocation back to the USA.
ESI’s responsibility was limited to picking up the Gold from “Seller” and delivering it to a specified location. ESI was contracted by a third party to provide the security and transportation of the Gold from the port of origin while on ground to the plane and in the air back to the USA. BARBARA GREGG is just a broker/intermediary in the transaction that was bringing in her investors and her “Seller”.
BARBARA GREGG goes under the alias BARB as well as SCAMMED BUYER.
ESI is very familiar with all of West Africa - and Mali specifically - as ESI has many past and current clients actively doing business in these areas now long before Barbara Gregg contacted ESI.

At no time will ESI get involved in negotiations or relationship between ESI’s clients and their providers. ESI does not perform compliance of its clients Gold providers. This is clearly defined as per ESI’s rules and regulation. As normal and customary industry standards dictate, ESI requires an upfront non-refundable advance fees deposit to cover ESI’s cost of engaging new contracts.

Per the original invoice, ESI was to pick up Gold in Mali and transport the allocation via private jet back to a refinery in USA. Upon arrival at the pre-determined time and location of Barbara Gregg’s (Alleged Gold Seller), Barbara Gregg’s (Alleged Gold Seller) refused to cooperate with ESI as it was unknown to ESI as to the reasons “why” at that time until sometime later. To further Barbara Gregg was trying to purchase a large quantity of Gold on consignment. No real seller will turn loose of an initial lift on consignment as they have too much to lose.

ESI’s team waiting on the ground for a week with on going communications and talks between Barbara Gregg and her (Alleged Gold Seller) it was later determined by Barbra Gregg that her “Seller” was not real. ESI returned back to the USA with no gold to deliver.
Barbara Gregg later has posted on a site when she was in Mali. The site is called Vanguard Online Community. Now Barbara Gregg is finally admitting to have gone to Mali herself as she has previously denied. It is on her post that she admits having been scammed by all the “Gold contacts” she had found.
Barbara Gregg has proved to herself that all her contacts were “scammers.”
Below is the link. See her name, Barb Gregg for her comments on the link below. She uses a picture of flowers rather than a picture of herself as a post beside her name.
(See below)
8TH -down from the top Reply by Barb Gregg on February 3, 2010 at 2:13am
9TH -down from the top Reply by Barb Gregg on February 5, 2010 at 6:17pm

  • esi
  • Submitted: 04/22/2011

ESI was willing to complete the contract as originally agreed - when and if Barbara Gregg procured a real seller of Gold with a real contract. It makes good business sense for ESI’s to assist clients in any way legally to ensure the completion of a contract for obvious reasons.
This was a sizeable contract and ESI was seeking a successful transaction to receive the remaining balance of the contract upon completion, therefore it would be illogical to so call “scam a client” as Barbara Gregg would like to have readers of her postings believe?
If this were true (emphasis again given to the fact that it is not), than this would also be short changing ESI out of the other half of the remaining monies contractually due. Why would we or any company do this? ESI is NOT the cause of Barbara Gregg’s transaction ending.
As it stands now the contract ESI and her third party is in breach for the remaining balance.

Barbara Gregg has sustained her investors losses as a result of failure to perform proper due diligence to verify the legitimacy of her Gold Sellers.
She had used other investor’s monies without a penny of her own in the deal. Barbara Gregg’s company at that time was International Commodity Traders LLC-ID Doc Number: 20091382843
She had temporarily reserved this Company Name in Colorado.
Effective: 07/19/2009 Expired: 11/16/2009
This was obvious fraud intent from her part as the company had no intention of being active or to remain active it was just an attempt to reserve a company name. It was only active for four months. (See link below);jsessionid=00006YUGpZfV9Vs32-RFyEH1gpS:11nm16sja

She never sent ESI monies direct. Her investors sent the deposits due to the fact that her investors could not deposit funds into her account as she did not have one. She was not able to pass compliance to set up an account with the banks?

These postings and blogs are now Barbara Gregg’s feeble attempt to distort the truth, omit the facts, spread lie’s and try to discredit an honest company in order to make herself look better to try to save her remaining reputation of what little is left if any? Barbara Gregg is now trying to “EXTORT” ESI in order to retrieve all expenses related to her unsuccessful Gold transaction with her “seller” she engaged (who turned out not to be real from the start) - which she and only she had discovered.
She has no proof or any documentation as she claims to have. Our attorney as well as the Florida Division of Licensing already proved this is another lie. In her many attempts to discredit and harm ESI through various government agencies, which regulate businesses under Federal Law, they have ALL COME BACK NEGATIVE.
ESI has received threats of violence and extortion from Barbara Gregg. She has left voice messages and sent emails stating she will post negative blogs until ESI returns the deposited monies.

Please feel free to contact our office anytime to discuss the facts.
Our attorney can offer his attestation and the truth.

Thierry Boinnard
Eagle Security International LLC
agreed ESI and Thierry Boinnard are criminals, if you go to accra and the diplomat hotel, you will find dozens of people from all over the world that have been scammed by this group, their time is limited, and i hope we can get them behind bars before these guys are shot dead. I would like a chance at getting my money back before someone pulls the trigger, this is the the over all sense i get from the agree victims in Accra. that is the justice that is coming to them.
We are setting up a web-sight to help victims with information on this scam.

ask that anyone who has been scammed by ESI Miami or Ghana, please e-mail us so as we may have record record of your complaint. This will also help us take action against this people.

we do know that thierry owns a hair salon in Miami.
you may see the links that we are posting online that will show his real work address not the fake ESI business that he has but his business and his home address.

please email us with any information you have on this guy.

email to
  • esi
  • Submitted: 12/19/2012
You make me laugh!!! Nice try but not successful!!! LOL =) I guess you still haven't learned your lesson. My attorney warned you that after my lawsuit towards you, you had to stop your defamation and harrassment towards me and my company. Thank you for your investigation as I was not aware that there were other Thierry Boinnards in Miami, that Salon is not mine, but I will notify tomorrow morning BBB if there has been a mistake in using my name, or verify if there is another Thierry Boinnard in Miami.

I see that after years of your failure to get out of the Real Estate Business and trying the venture into the Gold Business, you continue to be a Huge Failure fixating on me and my company. I feel sorry for you, and makes me laugh how important I am in your sorry life, and how there are a few more like you in the great U.S. of A.

I have not bothered to keep responding to your non-sense and the non-sense of Frank Romano, and others as I do choose to utilize my valuable time working for myself and not try to scam investors how you did yourself.

Thanks to my hard work, I will pay someone to respond and put EVIDENCE on this crappy website you use to defame me to respond to all this non-sense.

Now I understand why all of you try to involve my company and have been so unsuccessful in doing so as I am a SECURITY TRANSPORT COMPANY as I always present myself when I AM SOLICITED!!! because I NEVER SOLICIT, AND NEVER HAVE HAD TO.

I know now the game all you dirty brokers try to play!!! You all have been IRRESPONSIBLE!!! with all your INVESTORS by ALWAYS WITHHOLDING CRITICAL INFORMATION I HAVE ALWAYS PROVIDED YOU WITH. As Brokers, it's NEVER been in your best interest to provide your Investors with the info I provide you as all of you work on commission on the percentage you buy. Meaning, the more you buy and ship to the USA, the bigger your commission would be, "VERY GREEDY!!!" You all think your are going to sit behind your desks and be irresponsible with other peoples money and make Millions!!!

When your deal goes BAD you go ahead and Blame the only company that you think can force and deceive your investors to think is responsible. It's never worked, and it never will.

When you Lie the way you guys do, and cowardly brush off your responsibility, it will always come back to haunt you. That's why I've always been successful in my businesses. I am and will always be a straight shooter. I'm straight forward and obviously too much of a man for any of you to handle. I am still waiting for the threats that I have received verbally from Frank Romano and you. I've always been reachable, and have had the same address since I opened my business. Thank you for the idea of opening up a website about me to inform you of all the supposed scams I have committed. I too will open and have the money to create the same type of website involving all the dirty brokers I have come accross. We'll see who's business will collapse first.

Thanks God that after my bad experience with you, I set up my offices and phone calls to record Voice and Video of all my conversations and meetings with everyone who comes in contact with me with the same story I've heard over and over again.

I'm still waiting on FBI agents, CIA's, NSA's, etc. to contact me investigating all your False Accusations, because unlike you, I DO HAVE DOCUMENTS BACKING UP MY WORD!!!! That's how PROFESSIONAL I AM!!!!

Thierry Boinnard
Eagle Security International LLC
7225 nw 25 st suite 107
Miami, FL 33122
Phone: 305-316-5411
keep talking,, we have all the invoices from all the victims, and that does not lie,, you charge a tax that does not exist to export gold, and you put it in your pocket. yet no one gets product as you spin a new story every time.

keep talking the noose is getting tighter, and you will not slip away from the victims.

not sure who was in the real estate other then your wife,, and yes we have her address too

Paola Venerio Boinnard, wife
Realtor for
(305) 551-9400
13155 S.W. 42 Street
Miami, FL 33175
  • esi
  • Submitted: 12/19/2012
Yes my wife does have a Real Estate License along with a Double Major in Finance and Management Information System. The smart business woman she is, she acquired this license for personal use only.

As to the invoices you have as proof against me, I'm glad you have them so that when you actually provide them to all the supposed law enforcement agencies, they can see right away of all the Lies you've been telling.

I'm glad you keep your documents, because I too keep them along with all my email conversations and everything exchanged between us to BACK UP WHAT I REALLY DO!!!!

By the way, what tax money do I put in my pocket??? what invoice did Eagle Security International LLC do that makes you think I charge tax money???

If you have issues and are not clear as to what the Ghanain Country Charges in Taxes, Fees, Documentation, Court, etc.... that is Public Information and you can verify with the Ghanain Country and Google it.

Since you apparently have so much time on your hands, EDUCATE YOURSELF a little better with the correct info. If you have shipped or are pending a shipment of Gold from Ghana over 5 kilo and didn't pay any taxes to the Gov't, Court, Fees, Documentation, etc.. please let me know and I will gladly use your services.

Thank You
Lie again,

we use the PMMC, and AA minerals,, neither group knows who you are, and neither have ever charged us that much. your charges of 5 or 7% go in your pocket and you mask it as a goverment charge,

thats BS,

there is no export tax on this product. that is money you pocket.

just a good talker, so for all that are watching,, take note on how this scammer covers his tracks with the talk,

we are educated as we are on the ground there in ghana every day, and no the deal. people there know of ESI and there are many complaints with the CID against your group there.

we intend to jail you, max and george so there is no more victims.

how do you sleep at night

even this other scam company is listed in the scam blogs, Esi Global Investment LLC is another way to bait new investors for your scam.

you are a liar and you will be caught, the clock is ticking you your time is running out.

you have scammed to many people and lied to all of us.

no one should trust you,, go back to cutting hair,
  • esi
  • Submitted: 12/19/2012
Ummm funny just receive 1 kg shipment from AA this morning ,go to sleep barb
your a liar,, i will call effah in several hours to ask him if he shipped you, I and report back to this post with my findings

if it was not in your name,, tell me now,

i'm not Barb ,, she is not the only one that hates you.
  • esi
  • Submitted: 12/19/2012
Who are you? ( other broker) loose is money with a seller and blame other !!!! Yes call and move on .ohhh I know who you are , you the one to try to show me a fake copy of your seller authorizing Ghana to go ahead and shipping
What a surprise, we proved thierry boinnard to be a liar again,
this is the response from last night.

Dear Mr. Richard
We do not know this thierry boinnard, he is not a customer and has not taken any delivery from us.

good luck with your investigation

Kweku Effah Asuahene
TEL: +233 277 808 141
MOB: +233 244 272697
Skype: Kwaku Effah Asuahene

new update on this from aa minerals,, seems there is one truth i have discovered.

Sorry for the miscommunication he did shipment with us of 1kg on 14/12/2012 to EAGLE SECURITY INTERNATIONAL,MIAMI.
Because he does not have metal account with us I could not recall from memory.


so it seems he gets his good when he wants the product and we all get screwed, sounds like he is laundering the stolen ghana money back to the US.

  • esi
  • Submitted: 12/19/2012
Wow now am Landry money ,what ever I do or produce you guy,s always find a exit ,very sad .
The best advise you should get is go after your seller and do the right thing,
But wat ever I can reply to all of you, YOU have to blame some one on your failure
we do have our own sellers,, you where the one that fucked us, and everyone else,, not the seller,

easy to hide behind excuses pal.

you failed us all
  • esi
  • Submitted: 12/19/2012
So wat happen with your seller why they didn't want to sign the court release document for you to be able to receive your goods.
Because with out that no one can send over sea any gold ,and I NEVER BE INVOLVE IN ANYWAY BETWEEN THE SELLER AND THE BUYER AT ALL now am confuse boy
Keep try and fail like always , and for your information my client paid cash the entire gold so no one can stop the procedure big difference .this will be my last email on this web side ,I really don't have time . Ask frank Romano. For is first shipment 2 kg paid cash never have problem and receive is gold on time in New York ,after that same story paid CIF ect......
The good thing I receive information on wat is been said in ghana and I'm not the one who will be surprise very soon .
you a good game,, but your process is not the process, and it only works to create confusion with the people that have given you money.

all you have done is taken the money and maybe run the deal through aa minerals for those that have gotten a deliver, but you are grossly over charging for a fee that does not exhist when it comes to exporting gold from ghana.

we have several dozen victims and you have pulled the same shit on everyone that has given you money,, no matter if they had their own sellers or trusted you to sell them product.. you found the way to scam them all and hide behind the ghana who has no laws at all for what you are doing.

we are looking to change that. and we can post video of all of the victims in accra that have nothing nice to say about you, george and max,,

you are all part of the scam,, even the CID knows the deal,, you know what i say is the truth,,

george was in jail for some time not captured like you tell everyone..

we have a large community of victims here not several that are blogging, but several dozen..

you have screwed over way to many people and you will pay for that..

get back to your barber shop.

new postings on more sights from new people being scammed.

i will post all the victims comments on the new Thierry Boinnard scammer websight

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  • Submitted: 12/26/2012
As I am not able to post links to this particular site.

Please go to Barbara Gregg as I will post links to all her lies. I will post Real Documentation backing up my word.

thank you,
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  • Submitted: 12/27/2012
I've been trying to Post my Documents on this site and it is not allowing me to since I am out of the U.S. right now. I will post them on my website for now until my return to the U.S.
more lies,,

you cant stop lying,

every victim here in their summary has said the same thing,, you never provide any info and only provide excuses.

we are all here to warn others not to be in this position to have trusted you,, Theirry Boinnard and the Crew of ESI in Ghana can not be trusted,, inspite of your attempts to make your business legit,, we will warn all that you are a fraud..

we get emails daily thanks to these posts, and we will continue to work on this til you are in Jail,, which should not be much longer.
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  • Submitted: 12/27/2012
From who you.receive your email idiot I suspending all collaboration with ghana till further notice ,your seller fuck you big time nothing to do with me ,be a man and assume that responsibility and not be on your computer every day try to blame on some one else your failure
I don't need to lie or inventing .
Be here for a long time same number ,same address, same license ,ohhh but I don't own any salon ( imbecile) .
I suspending my business with American client ( broker ) because of you .hope you happy ?
He will be a price for that believe me .
So much email and phone call I receive from people been dealing with this little 5 broker BS told me not to give up and fight what ever you post because again WHERE IS THE DOCUMENT YOU HAVE TO SAID I SCAM YOU ..????? Where?????
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  • Submitted: 12/27/2012
And something else ghana charge you there fees not me ,they issue the doc ,not me ,you come to my office only to ask if your money will be safe to do the doc ????? Did you receive your doc .
YES!!!!!! So where do I scam you ,and to be clear AGAIN wat ever ghana do doesn't have anything to do with me ,my collaboration with them is security and transport that all ,but off course you will piss on me just because am in the united state .
You contact me way after you been in contact with your seller and ghana office ,now if George or anyone else have some issue on the ground not only the CID but the BNI will follow the case .
But for wat I understand they all ready figure out about your little game .,that why till further notice I suspending my business in ghana for now . Because I don need this to live .
you take the money that people give you to do the deal,, and you pocket it,

thats a fact, you have done it to us several times and dozens of other people.

since you dont know who i am yet, you cant say for certain what happened with my sellers, so i see this is your default response to every one,,

we are all brokers right,, we are all wrong,, right,,

but thats really not the case,, i just want to know when you go to ghana next,, then we will have justice.
thanks to all who have contacted me,

i have gotten more info from more victims in the last several days, and helped keep several others from committing to this ESI.

Fortunately these blogs we are posting are reaching people before they get to pay thierry, george or max and lose more money.

we need to keep the posts going until a judge sentences these scumbags or there is street justice in ghana,
  • Barb
  • Submitted: 12/28/2012
I'm done--leave me out of this. I have tolerated your threats, lawsuits and verbal abuse to expose you and prevent other hard working honest people from losing their money. I feel bad for your latest group of victims but they at least had knowledge and warnings.

Thierry, through your gift of bs or simple greed, people are still giving you money, more power to you.

Your orange sequined CFM pumps sit on my closet shelf awaiting your incarceration.
I don't know or understand "why" Thierry Boinnard keeps attempting to defend himself when dozens and dozens of victims all over the world are coming forward claiming he pulled one of the three scams he, his wife Paola Venerio, George Amuah, Max, Ramzy, and the rest of the thieves associated with ESI routinely pull?! He really is a terribly sick and demented individual...

Thierry - if you're reading this, why don't you give back all the money you've stolen and go back to selling timeshares?! Your only way out at this point is to plea bargain. If you decide not to, then I suggest you buy a lifetime supply of KY, cause if you're "lucky," the better of the two options on your horizon will require it!
Agreed, we would like $240,000 back, and we would drop our complaint.

some how i think he will see a dirt hole before he sees a jail cell, that is the word we get from victims in Ghana.
Thierry and Paola,

Did you ever stop to think of nature or nurture? With two criminal parents what chance does your kid have of growing up and not being a loser. If your both dead or incarcerated who's going to raise your little half-wit ... jus' wondering, are you sending him into 7-11's to teach him to steal or are you just going to let him watch and learn.
Listen up you poor excuse for a failed timeshare salesman: Barbara is by no means the only person who is claiming you've stolen money from them. There are a whole lot of us who have found each other - and yes, that should scare the living "sh#!" out of you... Collectively, we can document that you've stolen an excess of $10 million dollars in the last couple of years. Your time is up... Even your girlfriend in Ghana is turning on you. You have made an enemy out of almost everyone you've ever known - but there is no honor amongst thieves, right?

Stock up on the KY buddy. I hope you like prison food - and penis!
update on this scumbag

he has posted a blacklist to counter our blacklist at

we have responded to his made up story at our web page at

what he did not consider is that Harbour Equity Partners get 30,000 hits per month, and we will get our message out much faster then the ESI sight that has no hits. as usual just about everything he says is a lie. you should just crawl under a rock thierry, there is no point in trying to be a legitimate business and your days are numbered.
  • esi
  • Submitted: 01/03/2013
If we get any hit on our web side dont worry about it . See you soon and be ready
whats interesting is that he may be, at this point feeling the walls closing in on him.

he will not know really, who the next person is that is calling him.

is it another victim that he can scam, or is it a setup.

For my team,, we plan on closing those walls in so there is not oxygen left in the room.

Is it getting hard to breath yet Thierry. Have you looked out your window yet. Do you still look around the corner.

i know you do, you did that when we first met. That was a red flag from day one.

lets hope we meet next in Ghana,
really,, lets not wait,,

lets meet now,, why wait. lets make that see you soon,, like see you this afternoon,

where are you now,, lets meet now,,

fucking wise ass,
  • esi
  • Submitted: 01/03/2013
In the usa , ghana or where ever you want my friend . dont be mad for wat i did i just show wat is the real scum bag like you with real fact no stupid threat or non sense conversation .
I met 3 people in my offfice that its ,and one of them cry for help it is you? let see who looking in is shoulder .

  • esi
  • Submitted: 01/03/2013
See the diference i working for now outside the coutry but i buzz you when i come back ,
Self-esteem is reliance on one’s power to think. It cannot be replaced by one’s power to deceive. The self-confidence of a scientist and the self-confidence of a con man are not interchangeable states, and do not come from the same psychological universe. The success of a man who deals with reality augments his self-confidence. The success of a con man augments his panic.

Thierry, for your family, negotiate with your victims and stay around and be a Father.
  • esi
  • Submitted: 01/04/2013
Who the are you? I dont know or have ever spoken to a Sam Bolton for you to be directing yourself towards me as if you know me.
wow,,, all of these posts that Thierry put on his web page about NEP, like the thank you letter from us, has gotten us a lot more attention by people contacting us to verify him.

it seems his plan to post good content is back firing again, and you know you cant use a thank you letter, then fuck someone out of 240,000 and think that this is good content.

he is tripping up and we are profiting from it,,

i will send a new thank you letter when you are behind bars, only it will be thank you for being a fucking loser.
thanks again to all that have contacted me from the ESI thank you letter,,

thierry thinks it hurts our business and my manager,, but we are getting contacts almost everyday inquiring on Theirry and ESI,, the thank you letter is actually working against him LOL

good Job Thierry you idiot. LOL, let me know when you are in Accra next,, i really want to meet you, lol.
Guess who scammed again,, richard in Ghana got another person that got scammed by thierry again,,

so what does a scammer do when he scams to much,, he changes his name,, welcome the new scamer named Fred Webber

see if these websites look alike,, good thierry you should have been a web designer at the very least.

lets get this to everyone we know
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  • Submitted: 11/05/2013
Go to my web site and see on warning ,we do not have anything to do with this scammer and we all ready contact the law enforcement about this people
Have good day but the next time before you post something try to have all the element
whatever thierry you are the asshole in the picture,, you are Fred Webber

and you are full of shit.
Does anyone have any current info on Thierry Boinnard, we need current information for the victims counter claim

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