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  • Submitted: 04/09/2010
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James M. P. Adams

A truthful witness does not deceive, but a false witness pours lies!!!!

Whitewaters, New York

I met him at a Christian dating site. His profile caught my attention so did his picture. He looked like an Islander and seem like an honest person. He described himself as a widower and have not dated for three years since loosing his wife and son, Said to have one daughter, age 20 and married. Presented himself as having his own construction company. Said to have been very successful. He mentioned that he came to the US about ten years ago from and Island belonging to the Netherlands...He asked me to chat and we communicated via email and phone for the last two months. Very convincing, sweet man...Suddenly he had to traveled for seven days to Jordan, Dubai and Ghana for business. He was to close some business deals regarding some contracted work related with Iraq. He was also to go to Ghana to collect a balance due to him by the Bank of Ghana... and then I received an email asking me to help him by letting him borrow an amount close to $101,000.00 that he needed to put together (1/3 of the contracted amount) before closing the deal and in in order for the bank to release his supposedly six million dollars for his services (construction). He even scanned the note from the bank to me as proof ...which immediately I new it was a scam. Once I knew, I email him with several important questions such as: Do you need clearance to work oversees? Are you a national or an American citizen? How come the name of his company appear to be in Ghana and not N.Y.? What was then the name of his company in N.Y,? Did he travel oversees often? From all of these questions he only answer me the one about clarence which I am sure he looked it up in the Internet.
He was supposedly a Christian, a man of God who's parents were missionaries, new the bible from beginning to end, sweet talker, romantic and good writer and his voice was deep with a (U.K.) heavy accent. Because I did not come with any money at all, our sweet, honest and loyal relationship ended. I was sadden to have know this man whom I started trusting in his word. Many words of "wisdom", "encouragements" and advise about the Lord and my personal life. . I have to say he was good....but he was not expecting that I started to see some red flags from the moment he mentioned about traveling to West Africa. The way he was always using God and the scriptures as well as to pray together for our new journey and our future together was sickening!!! I just hope he burns in HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!because this is where he belongs!
There are many like him because at the same time I was also communicating with another scammer who said he was from Germany. Also a very sweet-talker, romantic said to be a business man.He was a Health professional recruiter... He also had to travel to West Africa at the same flag! He called me once and that was it for him because I cut him off. His name was Larry. Another so call "christian"...Beware these people are professionals on what they do.


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  • Submitted: 04/15/2010
By chance do you have this guys picture? I am trying to track down a scammer myself. Look him up Mark Jeffery Elly. I posted his picture. Please send me a message through that sight if it is him. Thank you!

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