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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/10/2010
  • Severity: 5

gWallet and their Dirty Clients

Gwallet and their Dirty Clients

All, California

gWallet and clients make promises of virtual monies to gather personal information. This information may include contact, medical, and even credit card info. When a complaint is made to gWallet, they NEVER make good. They ALWAYS say that the information wasn't entered. Your personal info is then used in many ways. From phoned sales pitches to who knows what. It appears gWallet has taken over for the previous scammer, Gambit. I strongly suspect that these entitties may be one and the same.


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  • BD1
  • Submitted: 05/02/2010
This is absolutely true. I filled out a couple of alleged surveys and "offers" to get virtual money on a gaming site. Not only did I not get ANYTHING of what I was supposed to, they then said I had not met the requirements, when I certainly did. Meanwhile, they have now filled my mailbox with spam. I'm getting credit report scam offers, dating scams, timeshare crap...anything and everything. There is no stopping them. The gaming site doesn't care. They won't insist the site pay up as they should, the site is unresponsive and nothing at all gets done.

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