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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/11/2010
  • Severity: 10

Stratford Career Institute

Beware of this School

St Albans,, Vermont, 05478

I made the mistake of signing with this school. For unforeseen events my wallet was stolen, So I had to cancel my credit cards, proof to DMV my wallet was stolen or lost, and request copies of other documents one might carry in the wallet. So 2 months I was more concern about my documents, than sitting down to study; let it be said that I took only 1 (one) lesson. A collection agency send a letter "or else". I called them and I have never been insulted like that in my life. Let it be said that I am a retired Minister, work as an Officer of the Court. So I am not used to scamming anyone. Then I called the school, and the lady agreed that if I caught up in my payments, they would allow me back and she would call the collectors off. So I paid. The calls from the collection agency are daily, so I called them back, and they would not even allow me to explained, that I had come to an agreement with the school, and the insults just flied right and left.. In spite of having my $$, they can not stop the harassment, until they can proof that they have the payment (It will take one month for that) That is not proper business practice, so avoid them at all costs.


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