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International Finance and Trust , LLC

Investment Scam

Fort Myers, Florida

I am posting an update to the investment scam by IFT (International Finance and Trust).
The hope is that those who read this will understand that it has been 5 1/2 months since we asked for our principal back from a busted investment trade with Julie Holden, Kurt Hamilton, Bryan Smith , and Steve Benders. Our principal is gone and they have done nothing to return it with any verifiable, provable information.

So this is for all you other folks who have money with IFT either in loan deposits or trade investments. I would ask you to start requesting verifiable information from IFT either in the form of a sanitized wire transfer to prove it actually occurred, verifiable loan references if you have given loan deposits, or resumes if you are considering investing money with them. I say this because in the time-lines I describe in the beginning of this post , they have been able to do none of the above. As a matter of fact when you start asking, they will start making excuses, and I promise you they will not verify anything that is relevant to you getting your money back.

Now I will give you the bad news, your money is lost, once it left the country it is not coming back. You can do something to stop them though. Post your experience so others won't make the same mistake with them. Contact the attorney generals office and learn how you can get some attention on them that they don't want. If they were legitimate they would provide verifiable documentation, but they are not. I only hope other victims will tell their story on these complaint sites so others won't become victims.


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