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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/13/2010
  • Severity: 10

Jose Sanchez

Skill Fraud

Orlando, Florida

Jose Sanchez will charm you an sell you a bill of goods to get what he wants. I met him at a company i worked for, and i thought he was an ok guy. So long story short I got a good paying job an they ask me to look for people to hire on so i ask JOSE SANCHEZ if he wanted to join well he jumped at the chance. Well what i didn't know is that he has been using a fake DEMO REEL to land jobs, Not to mention his resume was a complete sham as well. it had on there (Microsoft flash) when Microsoft doesn't even make that software Adobe dose. So he ended up getting the job based on this fake demo i didn't know he was using. When i found out it all blew up in his face but some how i got axed an he got to stay on to make over 100k a yr. I'm here to let yall know hes a freaking lair his art work sucks *ss, and don't ever believe him if he says he knows 3d Animation be cause he doesn't


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