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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/16/2010
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Oil Merchant

Cote DIvoire, GNM

Said he would come to be with me marry me, build a home for us, buy a car, take me on a cruise, visit my MOM, which i ended borrowing money from her thinking all this was true , that we would work at home that he needed to get home to me so we could get this business going. He scammed me for about 4000.00 i h ope he gets caught I'm going to write to the consulate there in Abidjan and he also had a pastor involved which i think was him Pastor Peter Kouakou, his wife FLORENCE ABENAN KOUAKOU, also Oliver Orafu a travel agent I was a fool to believe that all these issues would arrive so many i am aware of them now the scammer's ideal story i have heard all of them and i hope that no one else will get scammed but there will be new stories the main thing is as soon as they start asking for money please just block them from your life I lost My Pension + some and don't want anyone else to ever have to go through what i went through. Being humiliated from my family cause they found out about it was the worst I was so much in love with him whoever he is that i just blocked anything anyone would say but they were trying for me to save what little I had left. I feel a load has been taken away from all this and I Thank God for teaching me this lesson, which I will never forget. Man will be the hardest human I will ever not trust again.........................oh yes Dave's address in Cote is

Dave Esparza Rue 16 lane, Marcory Abidjabn, Cote D'Ivoire 225 if you hear from him tell him what a scum bag he is......................Thanks he might have more than this

Dave was so he says from London South something all addresses are invalid now i know that scammer never releases his whereabouts and now i know that too just a little too late to know that.....................

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Oil Merchant


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