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Melanie Lowry AKA Annie Westlake of Catinallity Cattery

Melanie Lowry AKA Annie Westlake of Catinallity Cattery

Escondido, California

My cats are known to have alot of health problems
My very own testimony read it on their site

Thank you for making such a wonderful food" [Web site] 8th listing

I am a breeder of Himalayans and persians, for about 15 years now. I breed rare colors, lilac and chocolates, that seem to have come with a lot of problems. One of them being alllergies. I always suspected corn but could not find a food without it.

Have been using your food for about six weeks now. I have noticed a big difference in all my cats. They are awake more, play more and want to eat all the time. But there is one cat I want to share about in particular....Sugar Pea, a chocolate point female spay.

She has always had severe problems.
Goopy eyes,
sneezing, and
neurological problems which
caused her trouble walking.
She slept all day.
I would have to wake her to come eat.
She never played and always went right back to sleep,
sometimes without eating.

NOW....she is up for several hours, sneezes about half as much, no goopy eyes. Her face has even relaxed and everyone comments on the fact that she looks different. And she plays and walks better without stumbling. I mean she runs thru this house chasing the other cats now! She wants hugs and kisses all the time. She has started "talking" to me. Asks to go out of the bedroom at night. This is a totally different cat. The only thing we have changed is the food. Sugar Pea thanks you. I have been looking for this food for many years. I have studied cat nutrition for a long time and this is a food that I would have made. I have written letters to other companies asking them to make a food like this. They never even answered me. Thank you for making such a wonderful food.
Melanie Lowry Lollimops Himalayans and Persians

This info was sent by email to: Teacup Persian Cattery Info & Cat Breeders Complaints Info, therefore this is the sole property of our legal corporation.

Lollimops Cattery In Collusion Selling Her Kittens. Ms Lowry of the former Lollimops cattery, is presenting herself & selling her kitten as Catinality Cattery

This lady ripped me off for $1,300.00 I purchased a himalayan kitten and it died months later of FIP. I have never had a cat died of FIP in my life. Then she would not give me a refund nor replace the kitten. Then she sued me and won $7,500.00 from me. I lost the case because I was too sick to get to my appeal.This person is very evil and she may have gotten my money but she is totally cursed because she is still having her kitten die of FIP currently. That is her curse.

PS When she does sell one of her diseased kittens she does not allow buyer to come to here home. for fear they will report her for having too many cats in a small shack.

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Melanie Lowry AKA Annie Westlake of Catinallity Cattery Melanie Lowry AKA Annie Westlake of Catinallity Cattery


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I bought a male seal point Himalayan kitten from Annie Westlake of Catinality in December of 2009 and I've NEVER had any problems with him. He is perfectly healthy, very affectionate and a real joy to have in my life.

Annie was ALWAYS been available to help me with every question I've had over the past 3+ years. I would certainly buy another kitten from her, and wish I had because I bought a kitten from another breeder and the poor little thing has been sick since the day I got her.

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