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Annie Westlake of Cattinality Cattery AKA Melanie Lowry

Annie Westlake of Catinallity Cattery

Escondido, California

Date: May 2002

What will satisfy your complaint?
"To get my $1,300.00 returned I spent for a FIP infected kitty that I had to put to sleep"

My experience:

I am protesting against the way you treated me as a cat buyer. About how you deceived me with that contract of yours . I was good enough to give you $1,300.00 for a kitty and you took that money, but when it come to dealing with consumer problems such as the death or disease of a kitty purchased from you, all you can say is, you are sorry?

If you are an expert where is your degree in feline studies from an accredited college? I purchased a kitty from you , I paid you $1,300.00 and my kitty ends up dieing at the age of 14 months old of FIP. I also mad at the trade I made with you for a cream point himmy that is 1 year old and does not even know how to breed because the seller Melanie Lowry takes all her kitten away from the mom at 5 weeks old to prevent them from getting the Corona Virus.

But Melanie Lowry does not tell you the damage she is doing the the emotional growth of the kittys they they do not even know how to mate, which is a natural thing in the animal kindom. The 1st female is dead of FIP the 2nd does not know how to breed & sprays all over and the 3rd cholate female one is WAY too small to even breed.
I would say that is a problem!

Its not just one cat its all the kittys I got from her. The queen that had my kitty should be spayed because any mother who has a kitten die of FIP should not be used for BREEDING to pass this down to another generation of kittys

I did all that was required of me to find out the cause of death and you tell me you will not replace my kitty or give my back my $1,300.00 I did read your contract, I thought! But I obviously did NOT read it good enough, because if I really read it I would NOT have purchased a kitty from you ever!

When a person buys a kitty they are excited about the idea of getting their bundle of love and they do not read all the contract the way they should. The lessons I learned with dealing with you Melanie Lowry of Lollimops Himalayan & Persian Cattery cost me $1,300.00 and I want to make sure this never happens to another potential cat buyer ever again!

The other lesson is just because you have colors of cats that are so sort after it does not mean they are healthy because they were NOT. You as a cat breeder turned me off completely how cat breeders are to deal with issues dealing with buying and purchasing. I want to make sure you never do this dishonesty to anyone else, and I will do my best to get you out of the cat breeding business one way or the other for how ever long it takes. I want to put you out of the kitten mill business that is a promise for our kitty and for the public so you can not decieve anymore of the public ever again.

Let me give you some histrionics how I first meet Melanie Lowry on the internet. I had contacted Melanie Lowry by email a few time we chatted about color of cats and that was as far as things went.

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Annie Westlake of Catinallity Cattery


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