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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/21/2010
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Annie Westlake of Catinallity Cattery

Annie Westlake of Catinallity Cattery

Escondido, California

I purchased a kitten from this horrible breeder. I paid $1,300.00 for a kitten that did not even see to be 1 year old. I had her a few short months. As she died of FIP

. I never even knew what FIP was and never ever had a cat or kitten die of FIP. I never had any kind of illness or health issues with any pet I ever had.

Melanie Lowry AKA Annie Westlake of now the Catinallity Cattery would not give me back my money or give me a replacement kitten.

She also had the gargantuan nerve to sue me and court for $7,500.00 and won. The main reason she won was because I was just too sick to appear at my appeal.

But you know what, she may have gotten this money but she will never be happy a day in her life , not even if she dies, which I pray she does not. I want her to remain alive to experience each day as unhappy and miserable as she has made other people

Melanie Lowry may have won the law suit, by she is a cursed creature. Because her kittens are still dieing of FIP in her cattery currently and its 2010. I call her a creature beause she is not a human being, she is a creature of some sort that hurts human beings, allows kittens to die, breeders cats for her to make a living.

Melanie Lowry AKA Annie Westlake of Catinallity is a Pet Profiteer, which means she lives off of the sales of cats and kittens, even to the expense of their death.

I did forgive her for how she has hurt me but I feel it is my [obligation to think of others] to make sure what happened to me does not happen to any other person who ever purchases an expernsive pedigree cat or kitten.

I can not believe how CFA sticks right by her side. Goes to show how evil CFA and that whole cat community is and what really goes on inside of that cat fancy. How sad.

To learn about what does on inside of CFA why not read about it. Go to

It will also share about Melanie Lowrys AKA Annie Westlakes best friend Debra Mitchell who was arrested for extrem crimes against animals and what Debra Mitchell had done to her 69 cats.

What goes on inside the american cat fancy is one horror story after an other of crimes against cats and pedigree cats, not alley cats.

To read about Catinallity Cattery & Annie Westlake please go to

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Annie Westlake of Catinallity Cattery Annie Westlake of Catinallity Cattery


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