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Katie Grashel

Katie Grashel of Amunra Cattery

Williams Bay, Wisconsin, 53191

Katie Grashel of Amunra Cattery has denied this complaint is true. She said it must be someone else. She said someone is out to slander her. We are now doing an investigation into this matter. To find out if this is a case of slander or the truth.
Our sources have confirmed that the 47 cats have been taken last month of March 2010. We are waiting for a full report on the details about this case. CFA does know about it also.

Comments: BUYERS BEWARE. This is my first post, and I am not mistaken that I purchased a kitten from Katie Grashel/Amunra Cattery of 17 Stam St, Williams Bay, WI 53191, and she sells sick cats/kittens. She does not care for these animals and is only interested in making a profit. Breeders: PLEASE DO NOT SELL HER ANY CATS! The kitten I purchased has the Trichomonas parasite, which is a result of pure negligence and unsanitary conditions. Ms. Grashel claims that the resulting chronic diarrhea is from stress in its new environment. She is either ignorant or a liar or more likely, both, and does not return phone calls or emails regarding this issue. The reason that there is no information on line is because she turned over all 47 of her cats to a shelter in lieu of prosecution. Ronald Oehm who lives at her address was arrested for child pornography, which is how Ms. Grashel was caught with many caged animals in an unsanitary environment. FYI, the only cure for Trichomonas is Ronidazole and must be administered under the care of a vet. It's not slander if it's true, and I have proof!

We have the absolute proof listed in this complaint
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Katie Grashel of Amunra Cattery Katie Grashel of Amunra Cattery Katie Grashel of Amunra Cattery Katie Grashel of Amunra Cattery


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I bought a Siamese kitten from Amunra Cattery about 8 months ago. I have yet to receive the papers on him, and she has yet to return any phone calls or emails. Stay away from her and Amunra Cattery! There are plenty of complaints on them, yet her website is back up! How is that even possible?!?!? BUYER BEWARE!!!
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I've sent all my papers about katie Grashel and about Amunra Cattery, who has others papers about her and the cattery, please contact Cindy Wrobel, Katie will go to the Court in July, we have to avoid she will fraud again and breed again, she has to be condamned to pay for the suffer, the pain and the death of kitt...ens!
Please help to make she will be condamned, add your papers about her!
Thank you so much!

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Katie Grashel
Posted: 2010-06-07 by animalcop999

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Company information:
Amunra Cattery
United StatesI am looking for any and all information regarding the selling of cats/kittens by Katie Grashel and/or Amunra Cattery. I need statements concerning date of sale, price paid, if the animal (s) were healthy or sick and if sick, what the condition(S) are or have been diagnosed as. I need to receive copies of vet bills and I need this info as soon as you can get it to me. If you have not had contact but know of someone else who has, please pass this msg. along to them so that they may contact me. I thank all of you who have come forward already. Please email to me @, mail to Lakeland Animal Shelter, P.O. Box 1000, Elkhorn, Wi. 53121 or fax to same @ 262-723-1001 Att'n: Cindy Wrobel

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