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Eden Barn

Eden Barn

Carson CIty, Nevada

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  • Rose
  • Submitted: 04/26/2010
You are absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong. I see Eden Barn different then you. I am excited about their mission statement! Everything that they are working on will benefit the members. There is no business model in the world like this one. This is the most wonderful thing for our nation! Families will be able to enjoy life with security because of them. Finally they are people with vision, tenacity, the strength to make it happen! This is going to make positive change in the lives of all members. It is a brilliant business model! They are people of integrity! Members are their top priority. These are hard working dedicated people who are creating more and more member benefits. Honestly I am proud to be part of this magnificent group! I am so grateful to be a member!
Me too Rose!
I love EB too.
Sandy from Eden Barn sent me this letter last night:

Dear Mr. Brent Wood,

This is Sandra Rainey, Vice President of Eden Barn. A copy of this note is going to Eden Barn Legal, Mr. Frank Stempfer and I am permitting our leaders to distribute this to all Members and Limited Partners in their regions, including Colorado.

You had a legal obligation to explore whether the inflammatory statements made about Eden Barn, Dave Thawley, John Alberts and myself were true and of any substance. Your choice to defame, slander and libel all of us was an egregious act of malice.

For your benefit, I have included in this email Brent, the definition of Libel. All of us have retained or are about to retain personal injury attorneys to pursue legal action against any and all persons and organizations who chose not to adhere to the law.

Had you done any exploring at all, or given Eden Barn the opportunity to provide you with details supporting our claim, here are things you would have learned.

You’d have found that Dave Thawley (a former Police Officer with the City of San Jose, CA) and I filed incident reports with Placer County (CA) Sheriff and Henderson Nevada Police Department. The Grace Family tried to extort money from Eden Barn and made death threats against me, my Husband and my 10 year old Son. (All saved on MP3).

You’d have found that in contacting my cell phone carrier for records of origination of threatening phone calls, it was discovered they were coming from the “exchange” in Las Vegas, NV.

Since the LP is not refundable (Statutory in NV) , you’d have found that an offer was made to purchase the Grace Family LP at a very reasonable rate minus the cost to change the name. The amount totaled $1750. The Grace Family would have had a small capital loss but in light of the fact that a new holder of the LP would have a charge of $585, it is fair.

You would have also found that I have a pending restraining order against Jim and Anita Grace, all relatives of the Grace Family and Extreme Digital Products, their advertising specialty company.

You would also have found that every inbound phone call and every presentation are recorded for the purpose of ensuring accuracy in statements and that there is no misrepresentation of information.

Definition of Libel:
The definition of libel depends upon whom is asked. It is clear that the definition of libel in U. S. law revolves around defamation of character in the written form. One definition of libel may not be enough to satisfy most, so we've put together the top 10 definitions of libel from various legal resources.
Definition of libel

1: Libel is the written act of defamation, vs. slander, the oral act of defamation.

2: use of print or pictures to harm someone's reputation. Until 1964, a person could prove that they had been libeled simply by showing that the statements in question were incorrect. In 1964, the Supreme Court decided that public officials had to prove that the statements in question were made with "actual malice"-for the purpose of harming the person's reputation. As a result of the Supreme Court case, Time, Inc. v. Firestone (1976); private individuals only have to prove negligence, rather than "actual malice," on the part of the press.
Definition of libel

3: Defamation of an individual or individuals in a published work, with malice aforethought. In litigation, the falsity of the libelous statements or representations, as well the intention of malice, has to be proved for there to be libel. In addition, financial damages to the parties so libeled must be incurred as a result of the material in question for there to be an assessment of the amount of damages to be awarded to a claimant. This is contrasted to slander, which is defamation through the spoken word.

Here is one more thing that you should know. The General Partner has the option to resign as the GP at any time and in doing so, would leave the LP with one of 2 options: Find a new General Partner or dissolve the partnership.

Brent, I have no reason to believe that you had any thing other than Libel in mind when you posted in writing your untrue and inaccurate statements about Eden Barn and the employees. You acted with the direct intent to cause irreparable damage to all of the Members of Eden Barn. I am going to demonstrate this tomorrow at a special invitation only event. It will be my greatest act to see that justice is received on behalf of all current and future members of Eden Barn.

What a shame that you acted at this time within a hair of the release of fund to you as an LP. Gosh, it was like running the race and stopping just short of the finish line.

Awesome New tonight!!!!!

As many of you know by now, Eden Barn has been under a brutal evil attack over the last two weeks. I have personally received death threats to where my 10 year old son will not sleep by himself. We are investigating the origination of these calls and honing in rapidly with the help of local Sheriffs Departments. In this considerable darkness, we received wonderful news in hiring to begin in early May from the update in letter form from Frank but I wanted to give you additional great news I received from Frank tonight.

A major reputable law firm accepted to represent Eden Barn in our libel, defamation of character and slander suit today. Frank demonstrated to them all we have said as true and with this said, they have taken in EB as a client. If you had any questions in your mind, this should substantiate to each of you the validity of this program! (despite certain people's attempt to convince you otherwise). Very soon, (after the first filing) I can let you know the name of that firm.

While I am sorry you are being exposed to the poison we are having to endure, we will not allow this to happen to Eden Barn, our Members and LPs or our employees. Eden Barn will do everything to protect your interest as members and Limited Partners in Eden Barn. Anyone who has chosen to disparage us should have asked themselves....."what if this is real?"

Things are things are great at Eden Barn. 2010 is going to be a very good year for each of you! I will keep you posted as to the progression of events. Feel free to pass this on to your groups.
Here let me give you a lesson in Nevada Jim Grace. You should know this since you live in Nevada, I am surprised since you claimed to be an astute business man in the email Sandy showed us:

In Nevada, there is not a statutory requirement to seek tax exempt status for non-profits. And, since Eden Barn Foundation not selling anything, they do not have to apply for Sales Tax Exemptions either.

As you can see from what is available on the Nevada Sec of State site, it clearly states NON-PROFIT Corporation.

Business Entity Information
Status: Active File Date: 6/16/1999
Type: Domestic Non-Profit Corporation Entity Number:
Qualifying State: NV
List of Officers Due: 6/30/2010
Managed By: Expiration Date:
NV Business ID: NV19991289142
Business License Exp:

Jim, you are a sick puppy.
Lets face it, the Grace's lack what is in theirname sake. Last name should be MORON!
Who Scammed You Commenter
Here is the status of the EDEN BARN CORPORATIONS

Has no non-profit status whatsoever. It is not a non-profit according to the IRS and is not tax exempt according to the Nevada Dept of Taxation. DONATIONS TO THE EDEN BARN FOUNDATION ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTABLE because of the EDEN BARN FOUNDATION’s failure to qualify with the IRS. Nevada is one of the few states that allows corporations to claim to be non-profit without qualifying with the IRS.
Also the EDEN BARN FOUNDATION is not treated with tax exempt status by the Nevada Department of Taxation and they are not registered with the Nevada Dept of Taxation as a Non Profit Foundation..

Is a shell corporation and a book on a shelf in a law firm office acting as resident agent.

They are able to claim 501 status as an association although not registered with the IRS. What this means is when they file their tax return there is criteria that must be met to qualify, such as the association members being members for the common good, etc… However they can not raise money and any monies raised would not be tax exempt for the contributor. Also the EDEN BARN ASSOCIATION is not treated with tax exempt status by the Nevada Department of Taxation and they are not registered with the Nevada Dept of Taxation as a non profit association.
  • JOY
  • Submitted: 05/25/2010
Eden-Barn STILL hasn't closed on a house to date... another month passes by:(
  • JOY
  • Submitted: 05/25/2010
Eden-Barn STILL hasn't closed on a house to date... another month passes by:(

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