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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/27/2010
  • Severity: 10

Joe Cramer

Send Computer to Africa

Jacksonville, Florida

i went on match and i was reading some posts one night and someone im'd me. he said his name was joe and he was from jacksonville, florida he said he had a company jdcl drilling company and he was president and ceo. he had a 6 yr old daughter shelly. he was married 21 yrs and divorced for 6 yrs. red flag 1 his daughter is 6 and hes divorced 6 yrs. oh she came back for awhile and had daughter and left him with her.. ok.. he said all these religious and poetry quotes. red flad #2 i looked up his business it came up but not linked to him and not in jacksonville. he sends me all these beautiful email and always has an explanation for my red flags. my sister and brother and law said hes playing u. so i get an email guess whaat i got a contract bid im going to africa tomorrow with shelly gregg my house help is going to take of business and house. i gave him my cell to call me when he got to africa. he called me that saturday(2 weeks ago) he siad he was staying at the he asked asbout my son i said he was fine he said when im done with deal ill be making 2 million dollars. he siad i will take care of u and your son. i said i dont need noone to take care of me thank u. got a sweet email the next day siad he would be there a month when he come home he was coming to visit me. i wasnt online for about 4 days. he also told me to go on yahoo messenger which i did. he called me from a calling card. i just got my bill from sprint the text came from ghana africa. thats the only thing he was telling the truth about. finally he im'd me this saturday and sent me a new website for a compqany called drillng company jacksonville ,fl looked that up didnt exist. so now i playing back to call him on it. i didnt say anything then all of a sudden he says im at a cafe my computer blew up i need a new pc to get all my work off of it. make a long story short i kept saying u have a big business get someone else tp help u ur house help ur workers, use ur credit card he said he didnt have one something happened i said use ur atm. nope cant use herw. so if u need a pc so bad call bill gates not getting from me. when i kept hitting him with questions he finaaly broke and said im so confused and i cant do this i dont want to talk to u anymore i called him a con and a liar; he got mad at the liar part. the nerve on him huh well i deleted him from my yahoo messenger an i oooked up his yahoo acct and he was gone. all i have is his number in africa which is a calling card could have been a phone booth. but beware hes out the and hes praying on all of us women especially on be careful


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