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  • Submitted: 04/28/2010
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Home Investment SCAM !!!

Newcastle, California


This according to the State of Nevada and the IRS. THE EDEN BARN FOUNDATION is neither a 501 C3 nor a 501C6 Non Profit Corporation.

The Eden Barn Foundation has not applied for Tax Exempt Status with the Nevada Department of Taxation.

The Eden Barn Foundation is a SCAM.

EDEN BARN INDUSTRIES (CANADA) is a shell corporation and not involved in anything.

EDEN BARN INDUSTRIES (CANADA) is simply a corporate book on a shelf in a Canadian Law firms office.

This was finally admitted to by Sandy today on the webinar “EDEN BARN CANADA is a “Holding Company?”.


Also look people, if "Sandy" left a high powered job to join "EDEN BARN" and made a good living there, why does she dress like that in cheap clothes looking like trailer trash with her big fat stomach hanging out !!!
You would think she would at least wear some kind if suit ! ug..................

It's all a big bunch of Bull S%#& Come on people, you just don;t want to admit it, that's it's a S C A M .........................


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As many of you know by now, Eden Barn has been under a brutal evil attack over the last two weeks. I have personally received death threats to where my 10 year old son will not sleep by himself. We are investigating the origination of these calls and honing in rapidly with the help of local Sheriffs Departments. In this considerable darkness, we received wonderful news in hiring to begin in early May from the update in letter form from Frank but I wanted to give you additional great news I received from Frank tonight.

A major reputable law firm accepted to represent Eden Barn in our libel, defamation of character and slander suit today. Frank demonstrated to them all we have said as true and with this said, they have taken in EB as a client. If you had any questions in your mind, this should substantiate to each of you the validity of this program! (despite certain people's attempt to convince you otherwise). Very soon, (after the first filing) I can let you know the name of that firm.

While I am sorry you are being exposed to the poison we are having to endure, we will not allow this to happen to Eden Barn, our Members and LPs or our employees. Eden Barn will do everything to protect your interest as members and Limited Partners in Eden Barn. Anyone who has chosen to disparage us should have asked themselves....."what if this is real?"

Things are things are great at Eden Barn. 2010 is going to be a very good year for each of you! I will keep you posted as to the progression of events. Feel free to pass this on to your groups.
Using personal attacks, is horrible and only indicates further who you are.

Shame on you...if you cross over to and look at the same post, we can tell who you are.

Ms. Sandy Rainey is a beautiful person with an unatural ability to withstand attacks like yours for others she doesn't even know. One day I hope she shows up in a suit of gold, then maybe you'll see who she is.

But, then again, she might not want to sink that low.
Here let me give you a lesson in Nevada Jim Grace. You should know this since you live in Nevada, I am surprised since you claimed to be an astute business man in the email Sandy showed us:

In Nevada, there is not a statutory requirement to seek tax exempt status for non-profits. And, since Eden Barn Foundation not selling anything, they do not have to apply for Sales Tax Exemptions either.

As you can see from what is available on the Nevada Sec of State site, it clearly states NON-PROFIT Corporation.

Business Entity Information
Status: Active File Date: 6/16/1999
Type: Domestic Non-Profit Corporation Entity Number:
Qualifying State: NV
List of Officers Due: 6/30/2010
Managed By: Expiration Date:
NV Business ID: NV19991289142
Business License Exp:

Jim, you are a sick puppy.

Who Scammed You Commenter
Here is the status of the EDEN BARN CORPORATIONS

Has no non-profit status whatsoever. It is not a non-profit according to the IRS and is not tax exempt according to the Nevada Dept of Taxation. DONATIONS TO THE EDEN BARN FOUNDATION ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTABLE because of the EDEN BARN FOUNDATION’s failure to qualify with the IRS. Nevada is one of the few states that allows corporations to claim to be non-profit without qualifying with the IRS.
Also the EDEN BARN FOUNDATION is not treated with tax exempt status by the Nevada Department of Taxation and they are not registered with the Nevada Dept of Taxation as a Non Profit Foundation..

Is a shell corporation and a book on a shelf in a law firm office acting as resident agent.

They are able to claim 501 status as an association although not registered with the IRS. What this means is when they file their tax return there is criteria that must be met to qualify, such as the association members being members for the common good, etc… However they can not raise money and any monies raised would not be tax exempt for the contributor. Also the EDEN BARN ASSOCIATION is not treated with tax exempt status by the Nevada Department of Taxation and they are not registered with the Nevada Dept of Taxation as a non profit association.

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