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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/28/2010
  • Severity: 10

Suzanne Jones Marotti


Clearwater, New York, Ca, New York

Suzanne Jones Marotti is a traveling nurse of Labor and Delivery in various states. The states I know about are Florida, New York , California, and Louisiana. She is 58 or 59 years old, short, very thin hair and her eyes are widely separated.

She illegally scammed 2 people out of their money. Her own brother is one and a dying aunt is another. She stole 680,000 from her own disabled brother by selling a property, getting his signature and then not giving him a penny. Her brother James F Jones, has a heart condition and because of her, is surviving on food stamps and church donations. She took her brothers house out of the trust the mother left for him and put her name on it. She is currently trying to evict him.
Her sons Michael Larue has gone over to the house to order him out. Her other daughters, Jessica Marotti and Alicia Marotti have taken money from his trust and have spent it.

There is a lawsuit started against this person. She has another mortgage company that has a judgment against her.. She has also taken money from a dying aunt. She has another son that wont speak to her because she took his car that was earmarked for him from his father. This is all true. If you have any information on this persons whereabouts or anything about her, please email me at We believe she is a sociopath and should be avoided at all costs. She is obsessed with money and will do anything for it even though she received an inheritance of 600,00 and makes 30 dollars an hour, she will take anyone's money, even family.


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  • Alicia
  • Submitted: 08/24/2013
This is Alicia Marotti. I am one of the people being discussed in the above post. I am writing this in response to these things that are being said about me and Jessica Marotti. First of all none of these things are true. If you have come across any of these libelous things that are being written about us, I would like to state again that none of these things are true. These posting are being put up by my Uncle James Franklin Jones (of Clearwater, FL) and his ex-wife Janis Keller Jones (of Pembroke Pines, FL). I have proof of this.
These postings claim that my Mom, Suzanne Marotti is hiding and running from justice, to that all I can say, is it’s pretty hard to run when you are deceased. As to the matter of this inheritance that James Jones has had ripped off from him, well to that all I can say is…WE HAVE NO MONEY. There would be proof of a money trail, especially of this amount, and there is NONE because it simply isn’t true. We have NO inheritance money of any type. This is very easily proved. None of these things being written about us are true. We certainly aren’t hiding or running from anything. I am posting my email address at the close of this post, and I welcome advice on how to handle this harassing and bullying behavior. You are welcome to email me and open a line of adult, well-mannered communication. If I can answer any questions I will surely do so, however, as my Mother is deceased I cannot answer questions about her affairs. Her children have had no hand in any of their dealings. I will also say that any bullying or harassing communications you email me will be posted. My email is if you have any questions. Thank you.
Oh, Alicia you make me sick. OF COURSE your mother is hiding. If she thinks that phony "death notice" online fooled any of us, well it didnt. She will be found and brought to justice along with you and Michael and your other sister too. You people have absolutely no morals. You are a bunch of low life thieves and scammers. There is proof that I can show anyone. Papers from an attorney that can put you in prison for conspiracy and your sociopath mother for grand theft.
Please do not call Jay "uncle" nor consider his ex wife any of your family in any way. They do not consider anyone family that steals money like that. You learned thievery, lying and deception very well from your mother. You are pathetic is all I have to say.
If your mother is not hiding why has she not contacted Jays attorney????? HMMMM.
You cockroaches scatter and hide when the attorney calls
  • Alicia
  • Submitted: 08/27/2013
I hear you Janis, and I understand why you are upset. I'm sorry things have gotten to this point. And I assure you that Jessica, Michael and I had no hand in Suzanne and Jay's financial dealings. I remember growing up and spending time with you and staying at your house. You were always warm and kind to us, and I really am sorry that things have gotten here. I assure you that Jessica, Michael, and I had no part of whatever may have happened to Uncle Jay. I am not running from you, that is why I am posting to you. I welcome the chance to talk to anyone you would like me to talk to. Attorneys or whomever, whatever will give you peace. My email address is a.marotti35 at Suzanne did in fact pass away some time ago. I'm just trying to let you so we call all move on, and go our separate ways, as you would like. Thanks.

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