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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/30/2010
  • Severity: 10

Dieter Raabe & James Sarvey

Financial & Bankruptcy Fraud, Threats, Bribes, Lies, Falsifying Testimony

los angeles, California

Dieter Raabe, his throng of thug attorneys and co-hort James Sarvey (a car salesman) have perpetrated vicious fraud, and scams on people.

Raabe is major white collar CRIMINAL, fined for financial securities fraud by the SEC for $831,000.00 PROOF from the SEC website: &

But he continues to commit all sorts of other sordid fraud. He now has a history of financial fraud, “pump & dump”, many counts of tax evasions with off shore accounts and destroying computers after transactions, stealing money & companies, and with his despicable attorney’s Margolis, Segal, Toutant, St. James, and Kogan, etc…abuses the US court system, bribes people to lie and commit purgery, threatens and with any other means possible destroys anyone in his way to cover up his own crimes and to steal companies and other people's inventions.
James Sarvey, a man who would sell out his own mother..... is now doing some of his dirty work...
See more legal PROOF of this fraud:

Raabe started his fortune from Sue Wong's, Studio S. Together they’ve built a Fashion empire. Sue Wong is very much part of this multi million dollar fraudulent games…. but her name is always protected. If Disney, Neiman Marcus, Nordstorm, Saks 5th Avenue, and Bloomingdales only knew……the sordid truth behind all those dresses…..


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Absolutely correct - Jim Sarvey is an absolute scoundrel and would not only rip off his own mother, but would also rip off his own children.
Watch out and stay away!
I would appreciate any information that you can bring forward. I am not at liberty to say but I am lose enough to know that people he is currently in bed need to be enlightened of his character, and should be aware that if they do not pay attention they may lose what they brought to the table. Any links or websites stating indictments or charges to him or any of his aliases, former associates and or dummy corporations. I want to be able to tie as much information that can be linked to him as possible.

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