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Prostitution and Theft

Bronx, New York

Carmen Quinones runs a prostitution ring in Bronc NY on Valentine Ave, and when she doesnt get her way after she has sex with you she threatens to file criminal charges for a ficticious reason. She has a history of doing this in several states and has been hospitalzed several times for menatlly related issues. DO NOT BE A VICTIM OF HER SCAM DIMISE !!

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Prostitution and Theft


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She got many people. Was my ex.
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  • Submitted: 05/10/2010
Gary Stern is posting fictitious information about me on this website because I have taken him to court over $3000.00 that he stole from me. He has already deleted all of his profiles from the internet. He poses as a Lawyer, Doctor and a Property Owner. He is delirious and believes that he is part of a rich family when he in fact lives with his mother in Brooklyn on Avenue D. He is a known felon with a criminal record that dates back to the 1980's and is wanted in three states. Pennsylvania, New York and Florida. I have obtained an order of protection against Gary Stern and he will taken into custody everytime he violates it.

He is now also writing posts on this website as if he were my Ex. If you have been scammed by Gary please contact the NYPD Police Department and file a complaint with the Dectectives investingating this case at the 52 precient. The authorities have benn made aware of the posts on this site.

Thank you.

She is presently under Federal Inditement in NY and NJ. All viewers check this out
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  • Submitted: 05/13/2010
Did you have a friend compose a fake record for me? You are a career criminal with a very dark past and lots to hide. I wont play along.

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