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Vrej Davoudi/Davoudian

Vrej Davoudi

Hollywood, Florida, 33021

Beware this man is an abuser, a thief, a cheater and a pathological liar. He says that he is Christian but he really is not. He is a Muslim from Iran.

At first, he appears very friendly , generous and honest when you first meet him, but watch your back, he took her identity.

He borrowed a lot of money against their house while they were married, without his wife's knowledge and forged her signature and opened credit cards in his wife's name without her knowledge and used them. He is a master manipulator and a control freak.

He was cheating behind her back on the internet and in real life.

If I were you, I would be careful with his family too.

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Vrej Davoudi


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oaky to start off let me tell you who I am. My name is Brittni Davoudi. This is my father. This post was made by my mother, Peggy Caponas/Davoudi. Joseuin Betian doesn't exist. After my father left her she chose to bash him and I in every which way she could. This post is far from true. Yes we are from Iran, but we are also from Armenia. No we aren't Muslim. We are Christians and go to St Mary's Armenian Christian church is cooper city. My mother threated my father with me when I was born. She forced him to stay with her or she would take me away. She refused to put him on the birth certificate. So if my father did cheat it wasn't his job to be loyal to her. He chose to live with my mother so he could be in my life. I am a daddy's girl and I can tell you my dad works harder then anyone I know. My mother was working for 10$/hr living a life for someone making over 100k a yr. When my dad left that lifestyle went out the window. She then turned spiteful. My father took out a second mortgage on our home (which my mother knew about) to pay for my sisters wedding(sister from my mothers first marriage) My dad will do anything he can to help someone. My mother lost both her kids to her first husband(who is a known alcoholic) because she isn't right in the mind. Then 16 yrs later she lost me to my father. She is a bitter women who wouldn't be there for her own daughter what ever. From taking all my baby pictures to claiming my father was sexual abusing me and having CPS come to my school and question me. She only cares for herself. If you have any questions about my father you can email me and I would be more then happy to speak to you.

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