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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/18/2010
  • Severity: 10
Share & Greg LeMay

Greg LeMay, V.P of Scam & Lies

Rockwall, Texas, 75087

Greg LeMay of is nothing but a con artist. He has conned numerious hard working doctors out of processing fees ($5,000 each). This is how he runs his operation. A doctor in need of funds for their business or clinic contacts him to get a loan. He collects all their personal information and pretends to run it through a credit committee (there is no committee). After which he emails or call you to tell that the underwriter has approved the loan and ask for a $5,000 processing fee paid upfront prior to funding. He ask that the money be wire transfer (for obvious reasons). Once the money is wired the doctor (victim) quickly learns that they were never approve and that the "real" underwriter never approved the loan. He does not incorporate the $5,000 processing fee into closing because the bank will not allow it (it's illegal). He tries to collect from both the buyer and the bank. When the doctor ask for a refund he quotes from his contract (very deceptive). He will proceed to push you to other loan officers to incur $250/HR charge. He will avoid your calls and emails hoping you give up. One thing he does fear the most is people posting their experiences (scam) online. For all the doctors who have been conned please blog and post your experience online so others can be aware of his lies and scam. Even if you got your refund back please post your experiences. It is your duty. Greg will try to scare you by saying he will sue you for slander. First of all, if you write the truth about your experience you have nothing to worry about. No one can sue you for telling the truth. Second he has to file suit against you in your hometown and state. This con artists does not have the time and funds to do it. Third it is almost impossible to sue and win for slander. Once again, do NOT do business with them and all the doctors (50 according to the BBB of Dallas) please post your experience (tell the truth) online.


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What you have read above is complete lies and deception by an anonymous coward who hides behind this blog. We have proof that some of our competitors are behind some of these blogs. What is wrong with blogs such as these? There is a complete absence of proven truth. Anyone can start a blog about anyone and say whatever they want whether true or false. Let us all not pass judgment on anyone until solid facts are presented through the proper channels. In the case of a “legitimate” complaint from one of our physicians that cannot be handled internally, which only a handful have not be able to be handled in 15 years in business, they go through the correct legal procedures such as hiring an attorney, a mediator, etc. Always remember the way our legal system works; a company, person(s), etc. are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Anything outside of a court of law should be taken with a grain of salt, including this or any other blog. Blogs have become the place for anonymous cowards and liars to spill their lies and deception with no need for any proof to what they say. At, we have a 15 year solid track record of providing loans to Physicians nationwide and we have a very good reputation in the industry. We keep very good records on each and every client. Please call us at anytime with any questions or concerns at 800-496-6191. Thank you. – Management.

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