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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/19/2010
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New Faces Development Center

Taking Advantage of Too Many People

Hicksville, New York, 11801

This "modeling agency" camps out in malls and try's to hype people up on getting there kids and young people onto the modeling scene.
Thye arrange a meeting with you to see if your child will be a good match for any of there modeling categories, anything from magazine ads to high fashion.
Once you sign and agree to pay them for the photography session, you are told to come back for another appt to pic the pictures you want. What they don't tell you is that you have to pay like 5 dollars for a comp card composed of the 4-5 pics but you have to buy 100 of them,
they ripped me and my husband off about 1400 dollars in total and keep doing it to others.
Please stay FAR away from them
They suck!!!!


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I too have been scammed by New Faces. I was told my daughter (18 months at the time) had the perfect "look" they wanted. They said she would have many many calls for comercials, print work and possibly TV. I needed to pay for pictures and a photographers fee $400 at the time. Then we were told that we needed to buy those cards. I refused to buy the 500 cards they said I needed so we bought 100. Now out total of $700. We never once got a call for an interview or job possibility. When I would call, they would keep me on hold forever or tell me the person I needed to speak to was not there.

I never got a single assignment or interview or call from them ever!!!! Total scam from rip off artists! Avoid avoid avoid.

PS They approrached my husband in the mall 9 years later with the same pitch! Luckily, we knew better and told him off loudly so other unsuspecting victims could avoid our heartache.
I guess you were referring to the company calling themselves "New Faces". Please note that this modeling agency is in NO way affiliated with that Online talent portfolio service website "New Faces (". I overheard there are a lot of people who were victimized by New Faces Development Center. I was talking to one of the Customer Support Representative at, and she advised me to make an official complaint to the New York State office. If enough people file this complaint form it will make it so people might get their money back and that business will be stopped from their misleading practises.

Here's the link to the form to fill out.

Also, upon browsing through the site's pages, I stumbled upon this interesting warning issued about New Faces Development Center in Hicksville posing as New Faces: . Thanks!

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