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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/23/2010
  • Severity: 10

Terry Johnson

Romance Internet

Arlington, Texas

This man has no mercy. He will stop at nothing . He even wanted me to marry someone else to get money to send him. Pretended to almost die twice and had fake airline tickets, fake id and a team of fake websites to tell you to go to. He had more than eight others working with him along with fake attorney in new york. He has a Latin accent, and has used names as Clarence Williams, Kohl, Rack, John, Terrance, and the list is over 17 names I have discovered so far. He is funny witty and can make you laugh. He will show no mercy though He even married me over the phone as a last ditch effort to get me to send money. He is a charmer and will yell and scream at you till the bitter end he will never let you have a moment peace. He plays as if he has a daughter but poor 17 yr old girl was left alone for over three month and could not tell her he was dying. Please he could not get access to his funds because of being mugged. He was the most charming ruthless person you can get in touch with. I have had scammers try before and he is the only one to suck me into it. He does not sound Nigerian at all. "You are my world" " my love" "My Life" . LADIES WATCH OUT
He says he is around 50 yrs old and 6ft tall. He was in the gem stone business and born in Brazil.


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It sounds like my scammer..... From the very first hello to the last good-bye is all lies....he plays all different roles... He finds your buttons and tries to use them..... He has many personas.... He shows NO one personality twice in the same 50 scams at one time.. He/she can't afford t use the same persona at the sam time...He/she will get tooooo confused as t who he/she... is with 50 different people at the same time..........Thank God I didn't part with one cent of my money....

Please feel free to show me any photos of this guy, I will do the same in return... Mine didn't sound like a Nigerian on the phone as well.....

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