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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/23/2010
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Rich Waldman

We Build it for You

Cincinatti, Ohio

Mr.Waldman claims he'll build your business for you & within a 6-12monhs you'll be making thousands. Of course you have to pay him $250/month in the meantime. Well, he made me about $40 which was eaten up in membership fees & then I could never get a hold of him. Don't believe him! He's on the Web promoting Magnetic Money Miracle.


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Rich Waldman here.

1st. I have been online for over 4 years with tons of satisfied customers, friends and business associates. I will defend myself rigorously.

2. It is unfortunate that on the net, any one can post negative comments on a website. I typically find its your competition. The fact that the post is anonymous should tell you something.

3. For the person that posted anonymously, IF you were a prior customer, contact me at the same email address I have had for years to discuss your particular issue.

As a business owner, it is impossible to always make everyone happy, no matter how much good you do. Type in the name of your bank into the BBB and you will see 1000's of complaints. Type in the name of any business opportunity and you will see complaints. Some warranted, some not.

In any case, I believe in free speech, but I also believe you have the right to confront an accuser.

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