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TD Stout Preservation

Bad Checks

Indy, Indiana

I was hired for a sub contractor to do all of Terry Stouts rehabbing.He wrote me checks that went up to $8000 dollars.He then told me to hire guys so i did and he never paid them.So my family is all messed up aswell as another family .This guy is no good and his company is no good.


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Terry Stout claims he is part of the business TD Stout but that was out of business since 2006. He also claims he is part of Extreme Solutions LLC in Indiana but that went out of business in 2010 and is now re-named as Vash Solutions in Ft. Lauderdale FL, both of which Terry has no legal ties to. You can find another review on him at He will ask you to work for his property preservation company and when you do he will give you the run around on paying you like he did us. First he needs business checks sent over to pay you, then he says he is holding back a week, then he says he will mail you a check. He will tell you he wants you to run things while he is away. He is lying, and he is scamming you any and every way he can. He uses the same lines on the same type of people. Hard working landscapers, construction workers and builders. Not only that but his "clients" aren't even aware that he is not legally able to obtain and hold onto clients and businesses to maintain the properties of. He is currently being investigated by the IRS (in an audit as we speak) I did some snooping around in his truck. He also is being investigated by the department of labor. He will not pay you so don't do any work under any circumstances. This guy is dishonest and nothing but another sketchy salesman. Listen to these review because it is us who need to stick together and report people like Terry Stout. He may have been involved in these business at one point but as of May 2010 he no longer has any involvement!

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