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  • Submitted: 05/25/2010
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"Frankie Arm"

Romance Scam

:"Beverly Hills", California

recipe follows typical romance scam:
Met on (they take no responsibility for this and will not remove his "profile")
"Frankie" initially was living in Beverly Hills at 1st contact but was leaving to do oil pipeline repair....Alaska then Caspian Sea. Had a phone #310-601-4479 (Beverly Hills). Skype showed it as out of Maine?
Sweet words emails, im's, phone calls.
Claimed to be born in Greece of Italian mom, American dad. Mom died when he was 14....Petrochemical engineer as his career.
After 2 or so months needed me to send a Western Union pmt. to a "Secure Securities and Investment Co." contact person Neul C. Owen to get his "secuity deposit box sent to the U.S. for him since he was coming here for us to be together "forever"...blah, blah, blah.
Fell for it and sent the $$$ almost $1400.....along w/ my social, copy of Ca. D.L. and passport...OMG....3 days later got an email from this company stating they needed $4300 more....then I realized I was scammed. Cried....heartbroken and financially hurt badly.
Over the heartbroken more mad now.
These people are scum....I kept thinking it was the nice looking guy in the picture but now I understand it's a "team" of scammers using stolen identities. Satan at it's finest.

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This is a team of at least three people. I traced them to the United Arab Emirates. Frankie uses a Beverly Hills phone number and has been known to use disposable phones from Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. He claims to have been born in either Greece or Turkey of an American father and an Italian mother. He says his mother left his father when he was very young and his mother raised him until he was 14 when she passed away. He claims to have gone to Oxford and is a petrol engineer but his written English is so bad that I doubt this. He says he has a 17 year old daughter named Nelly by his first wife who died when Nelly was very young. He claims to have been married (and divorced) a second time for seven years to a woman who cheated on him. His back story is fairly consistent. He tends to use yahoo email and Skype. He is a very sweet talker and likes to send YouTube video songs to his marks. His partners use a web side based at His excuses for needing money tend to vary. He will not contact you for the money. One of his partners will do this. They will ask you to wire money to help Frankie out with something. Do not believe them!
Go to for more information on this person and how he works the scam with his team.

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